Monk Legion Best In Slot?

Monk Legion Best In Slot

What stats should a monk prioritize?

Monk ability scores – For the best monk, make Wisdom and Dexterity your highest attributes. Both raise a monk’s AC. Dexterity helps your attack bonus and damage, but Wisdom stuns. By the time you near 10th level, you usually hit anyway. When you spend ki to stun, you want the high save.
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What’s the best weapon for Windwalker monk?

BiS List for Windwalker Monks and each equipment slot. Windwalker Monk Best in Slot Gear.

Weapons Max. DPS Popularity
Archon’s Guiding Glaive 84.3K 1%

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Is Monk good in Shadowlands?

How Good is Windwalker Monk in Shadowlands? – Windwalker Monks have a very flexible toolkit and provide various utility. They perform well on sustained damage output and have many ways to provide your group with AoE. Generally, Windwalker performs well in Mythic+ and PvP, but struggles to stay strong in raids.
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Do monks need strength or Dex?

Ability Scores – The Monk is the most MAD class in the game. While Dexterity is their primary ability score, they also need both Constitution and Wisdom to function. Fortunately, you have very little use for Strength, Intelligence, or Charisma, so it’s easy to dump three scores.

  1. Way of the Astral Self has a higher reliance on Wisdom due to Astral Arms, so if you’re building an astral self monk reverse Dexterity and Wisdom in the recommendations below.
  2. Str : Monks get good Strength saves, which reduces the need for Strength, but a little bit of Strength will help stretch the effectiveness of that proficiency.

Athletics is also a nice option if you want to Shove enemies prone, but several monk subclasses already offer options to knock foes prone without resorting to Athletics. Dex : Dexterity rules the Monk. Almost all monks rely on Dexterity for attacks, so it sets your attacks, damage, and AC, and having good Dexterity will help avoid AOE damage which can quickly cut into your d8 hit points.

  • Evasion helps, but it’s more effective you succeed on the save.
  • Con : With only d8 hit dice, Constitution is very important for the Monk.
  • Int : Generally dump, unless you really need to use knowledge skills.
  • Wis : Wisdom fuels Monk’s AC and many of their special abilities.
  • It notably sets the save DC for class features which allow targets to make saving throws, so it’s especially important for subclasses which rely heavily on offensive special abilities.

Cha : Dump. Take a vow of silence if necessary.

Point Buy Standard Array
Str 8 12
Dex 15 15
Con 14 14
Int 10 10
Wis 15 13
Cha 8 8

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What is the main stat for monk?

Getting a Better Understanding of Windwalker Monk Stats – Agility is your primary statistic. You should look for it in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Attack Power, which determines the damage your abilities do. Versatility increases all your damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken. and, Haste provides you with increased attack speed and Energy regeneration, and reduces the cooldown of your and, Mastery ( ) causes your abilities to deal increased damage (the amount depends on your amount of Mastery) when they are not used two or more times in a row. For example, using and gives both of them the damage bonus, but if you use Tiger Palm twice in a row, the second Tiger Palm will no longer benefit from the increase.3.
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What is the most powerful one-handed weapon in Botw?

Savage Lynel Sword (58) – Monk Legion Best In Slot The most powerful one-handed weapon, you can use a Savage Lynel Sword after you pry it from the cold, dead hands of a Silver-maned Lynel, one of the deadliest foes in the game. If you’re up for the challenge, you can find one in the forest grove of North Akkala Valley, about midway between the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and the summit of Death Mountain.
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What weapon should a Monk use?

What weapons can a Monk use in 5e? – Monks are restricted to shortswords and simple melee weapons, which includes: club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, light hammer, mace, quarterstaff, sickle, and spear.
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What is the strongest monk subclass?

1/10 The Way Of The Long Death Cuts Monsters’ Lives Short – Monk Legion Best In Slot No other monk subclass is as powerful as the Way of the Long Death, This subclass is focused around harnessing the power of death, the initial ability of this subclass grants players temporary hit points each time an enemy dies within five feet of them.
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Is monk an easy class WoW?

12/13 Monk – Easy – Monk Legion Best In Slot

Party Role: Healing, Tank, DPS Signature Ability: Buffed by the August Celestials Date and Expansion: Mists of Pandaria, 2012 Player Population: 6.4%

Let’s face it, we like to carry weapons around, displaying our glowing epics for all to see. The Monk doesn’t use weapons, although they can carry a staff and other such blunt weapons, so that might put some players off. They’re one of the most fun and easiest classes to play in WoW even if they aren’t the most popular.
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Is monk overpowered?

The monk is not overpowered. It’s pretty often denigrated as underpowered, even in the current edition (though these complaints often come from people who see it as a defensive, fighter-type instead of a mobile rogue-type). D&D in most editions is a game of magic users and muggles on very different power curves.
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What is the best multiclass for a Monk?

2/13 A Barbarian Monk Is A Flawed Powerhouse – Monk Legion Best In Slot The barbarian is one of the most popular candidates for a monk multiclass. The two classes have a combat focus, a tendency to fight unarmored, and some supernatural tricks. The barbarian’s Rage gives bonus damage on every attack, and monks make a ton of attacks each round.

Rage also halves a lot of incoming damage, helping the monk’s fragile survivability. Both classes also get significant mobility bonuses. However, the build also has its flaws. Most of the barbarian’s features rely on Strength, which monks typically neglect in favor of Dexterity. As such, the multiclass likely has to sacrifice either Armor Class or damage.

Furthermore, the character will have to be ruthless with distributing their levels, choosing between more Rages or Ki points.
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What should I spend my Paragon points on for Monk?

How to spend Paragon points on a Monk – In the Core category, we recommend investing in movement speed so you can get around those farming spots just a little more quickly. In the Offense category, we like to invest in Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage – keeping these two stats in a 1:10 ratio with each other right across the board is a sensible aim.

As for Defense, we think it makes sense to invest in the Resist All category, but once you feel you’ve got enough of this to survive, consider switching into Life. For the final Utility section, we like Area Damage for raw power output, but by all means switch to Life On Hit if you’re having survival issues.

Don’t forget that you can reset your Paragon points at any time – and for the Monk more than any other class, you’ll have to do so often in order to remain effective in combat. Head back to to the first page of this article for all of our essential Diablo 3 crafting guides,
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What is the best Monk weapon DND?

1/15 Blood Fury Tattoo – Monk Legion Best In Slot Wondrous Item (Tattoo), Legendary (Requires Attunement) Staying true to the adage that the Monk’s best weapon is their own body, the Blood Fury Tattoo is a fitting Wondrous Item of choice. Due to its attunement to bloodthirst, a Monk may gain this through a brutal tournament, or perhaps while meeting with infamous magical mercenaries.

  1. When attuned, the Blood Fury Tattoo gives the Monk access to Bloodthirsty Strikes.
  2. They gain 10 Charges of these attacks, all of which are replenished at dawn.
  3. Whenever the Monk attacks while attuned to the Tattoo, they can expend a charge to deal an additional 4d6 Necrotic damage to the opponent – and they gain the same damage dealt as HP.

When a creature attacks the Tattoo-attuned Monk, they can use a Charge and their Reaction to strike at an Advantage, Critical Role: Call Of Netherdeep was released on March 15, 2022, and will provide more information about the popular Critical Role setting of Exandria.
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What is a monks weakness?

We know the strengths and weaknesses of monks. They are weak to melee attacks and strong against ranged attacks and spells. However, their only viable attack options are melee attacks!
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Can monk grapple with Dex?

Side note: Count this as one of the many things 5e “revamped” that is just plain dumb. I’m much more in favor of Athletics/Acrobatics for all aspects of grappling. You don’t know what fear is until you’ve witnessed a drunk bird divebombing you while carrying a screaming Kobold throwing fire anywhere and everywhere.

  • 5 Jan 18, 2021 In one of my sessions (i am a player), a player who played monk asked if he can use dexterity to kick with shove effect or grab someone to throw them after the session ended.
  • I was also interested in the concept he asked.
  • Aside from DM making unique rules, is that even possible? Grapple or just shove someone with dextrity? #6 Jan 18, 2021 In one of my sessions (i am a player), a player who played monk asked if he can use dexterity to kick with shove effect or grab someone to throw them after the session ended.

I was also interested in the concept he asked. Aside from DM making unique rules, is that even possible? Grapple or just shove someone with dextrity? Other than has been suggested above – if your Monk really wanted to do that – the Open Hand subclass has some of that with the Open Hand Technique.

Last edited by Emmber : Jan 18, 2021 #7 Jan 18, 2021 Rules as written? No. They can only use their Strength (athletics) roll. Grapples are less about putting your hands on to someone, and more about holding them to make sure they don’t move – they still get full actions without penalty (so no armbars and such), but their speed is now 0.

Shoving is simply about using brute force to move a creature 5 feet or knock them prone. Anything beyond that is homebrew/house ruling. Which, of course, you are free to do. #8 Jan 18, 2021 By RAW, yes, it must be STR (Athletics) – but I think DEX can easily be applied (grappling is less “tackling” and more “holding in place” and I think DEX could signify grabbing someone’s wrists before they can resist – in the PHB “securely tie up a prisoner” is given as an example of a generic DEX check, even).

  1. Especially it should be considered in regards to Monks, who otherwise effectively have a class feature that allows them to swap STR with DEX for attacks.
  2. Personally I think that a DM could easily imply that Grapple and Shove attacks can utilize DEX when otherwise they would be STR.
  3. ETA: I especially think that it would be an interesting variation to allow the aggressor to pick the ability and force the target to use the opposite ability,

it might make grappling slightly OP, but narratively I think it makes sense that a STR grapple plays out one way and a DEX grapple plays out another way, and that action must be determined by the aggressor. For instance:

STR grapple attack would be similar to attempting to lunge and bearhug the target, and the target would need to deftly dodge out of the grasp of the attacker. DEX grapple attack would be similar to grabbing the target’s wrists or otherwise out-maneuvering them to hold them down, and the target would simply need to overpower them to break away from their grasp.

Last edited by NVCoach : Jan 18, 2021 #9 Jan 18, 2021 I created these tables for people to reference. Also included the DM Options. Grapple

Conditions Target must be no more than 1 size larger than the Attacker
Attacker must use one of it’s Attack Actions to attempt
Contest Attacker Athletics vs. Target Athletics/Acrobatics
Automatic Success if Target is incapacitated
If Target already Grappled by another Attacker, Grapple Contest
Effects Target is Grappled
Attacker can drag Target at full speed if Target is 2 sizes smaller, otherwise half speed
Target can use Action to escape Grapple with Athletics/Acrobatics vs. Attacker Athletics


Conditions Target must be no more than 1 size larger than the Attacker
Attacker must use one of it’s Attack Actions to attempt
Contest Attacker Athletics vs. Target Athletics/Acrobatics
Automatic Success if Target is incapacitated
Effects Target is knocked prone or pushed 5 ft away

Climb onto a Bigger Creature

Conditions Attacker must be 2 or more sizes smaller than Target
Attacker must use one of it’s Attack Actions to attempt
Contest Attacker Athletics/Acrobatics vs. Target Acrobatics
Effects Attacker has Advantage on Attack Rolls vs. Target
Attacker is now aboard and moves with Target
Attacker can move on Target as difficult terrain
Target can use Action to dislodge with Athletics vs. Attacker Athletics/Acrobatics


Conditions Target must be holding an item that can be Disarmed
Attacker must use one of it’s Attack Actions to attempt
Contest Attacker Attack Roll vs. Target Athletics/Acrobatics
Attacker has Disadvantage if Target holding item with two or more hands
Target has Advantage if it is larger than Attacker
Target has Disadvantage if it is smaller than Attacker
Effects Target Drops Item


Conditions Mover moves through a hostile Target’s space
Mover must use Action or Bonus Action to attempt
Contest Mover Athletics vs. Target Athletics
Mover has Advantage if it is larger than Target
Mover has Disadvantage if it is smaller than Target
Effects Mover can move through Target’s space once on this turn

Shove Aside

Conditions Attacker uses Shove Action on Target
Contest Attacker Athletics at Disadvantage vs. Target Athletics/Acrobatics
Effects Attacker can move Target 5ft to a space within reach


Conditions Mover moves through a hostile Target’s space
Mover must use Action or Bonus Action to attempt
Contest Mover Acrobatics vs. Target Acrobatics
Effects Mover can move through Target’s space once on this turn

Last edited by Brewksy : Jan 18, 2021 #10 Jul 28, 2022 Love this idea, although if you’ve ever been put into an arm bar or wrist lock you know the only way out is DEX. You can’t overpower a proper lock, pushing against them makes it hurt even more. And agree that hold/submission is a very DEX concept in the real world. Cheers To post a comment, please login or register a new account.

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What should monks focus on DND?

STATISTICS – Statistics in D&D represent everything your character can (and can’t) do. Boiled down, they represent all of the ways your character interacts with the world around them. Monks have a couple of interesting abilities that are helped out with both their Dexterity and their Wisdom. Dexterity can be used as the main attribute for all of their physical combat (provided it is either a Monk Weapon or an unarmed strike), and their mental abilities (represented by the Ki mechanic) are Wisdom based. The extra cool think about having a high Wisdom is that a monk who is not wearing armour or using a shield, can also add their Wisdom modifier to their Armour Class. This should result in a statistic breakdown like this: Dexterity -> Wisdom -> Constitution/Charisma -> Constitution/Charisma -> Intelligence -> Strength I listed Constitution and Charisma as the same because this decision is fundamentally a personal preference. Do you want a monk who focuses on being diplomatic and avoiding conflict at all costs? Prioritize Charisma and start trying to sway people’s decisions. If that isn’t a focus for your particular monk, Constitution should go first so that you end up with more hit points. Likewise, the prioritization of Intelligence and Strength are a very personal taste fueled decision. If your monk appears to be frail or extremely old, putting Strength last is an easy way to represent this on your character sheet.
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How do you maximize Monk damage?

Generally the only ways to increase your unarmed damage are to increase your monk level or increase your str/dex (whichever you choose to use) to increase your damage modifier. Monk unarmed damage is purposely restricted to balance it with other classes.
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Is Monk a DPS?

Introduction – Hey, I’m J-Funk. I have been playing Windwalker Monk since MoP and have been raiding in Humble since Legion which in Sepulcher of the First Ones was US 28th. In BfA I was consistently one of the higher rated WW Monks in M+ and have been a Windwalker Monk theorycrafter/guide maker for several years.

  1. Windwalker Monk is a melee DPS spec that has a tool for nearly every situation and has flexible cooldowns, great utility, and excellent mobility.
  2. In Dragonflight, Windwalker Monk is becoming less of the ‘AoE God’ that it had been in Shadowlands due to losing multiplicative scaling with but in exchange is shoring up some of its notable weaknesses in the past such as single and two target damage and expanding on their already extensive utility repertoire with new auras that can provide healing taken increased and avoidance.

: Method Windwalker Monk Guide – Introduction – Dragonflight 10.0
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