1 32 Slot Car Track?

1 32 Slot Car Track

How fast do 1 32 slot cars go?

Fastest scaled-speed of a prototype slot car model What 983.88 mile(s) per hour Where United Kingdom (Chatsworth Derbyhire) The fastest slot car was a Scalextric Honda F1 replica, which reached a speed of 983.88 scale mph (1,583.4 scale kph) when it was controlled by Dallas Campbell (UK) of The Gadget Show at the Chatsworth Rally Show, Chatsworth, UK, on 6 June 2008.

Scale MPH” is the standard measurement for speed records on slot cars. Since the majority of cars are built to a 1/32 scale, their speed is measured over a distance that is 1/32 of a mile (165 feet). In standard speed terms, this car managed an impressive 30.94 MPH – meaning it would be breaking the speed limit in residential areas in the UK! All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date.

For a full list of record titles, please use our Record Application Search. (You will need to register / login for access) Comments below may relate to previous holders of this record. : Fastest scaled-speed of a prototype slot car model
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What is the fastest 1 32 slot car?

Mosler – MT 900R Born to win, it is the fastest GT slot car 1/32. NSR Mosler won many and many championship over the years, it is very appreciate from racers of all the world. Impressive performance – Ready To Race – built with the best quality !
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How wide is 1 32 slot car track?

Scalextric slot car tracks are made of a durable, medium-hard plastic and a medium smooth surface with a width of 6-1/8 inch and 3-1/16 inch lane spacing.
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Is 1 32 scale the same as HO?

MODELING IN SCALE – Conversion Charts, Sizes, FAQs Scale Modeling Dimensions FAQ’s Question: I have Department 56 Dickens Village Houses and want to look at scale modeling and model railroad train accessories to add to my scene. The people are from 2.5 to 2.75 tall and houses are up to 9.25 tall.

  • Is there a train or hobby scale that will fit this scale so that I can interchange the two? I did not know where to get the information so thought I would try you.
  • Thank you so much for your help! Answer: Trying to scale model with Dept 56 is very difficult as, even within the line, nothing matches! The houses are approximately HO or S scale.

The people are approximately G scale. The Dept 56 train is approximately O scale. The Dept 56 autos are slightly larger than O scale. The best way for us to help you is with this bit of info. In real life, a door is about 7 ft tall. In real life, a man is about 6 ft tall. 1 32 Slot Car Track Thus, Dept.56’s Dickens Village is all over the place as far as scale goes! You need to make a decision as to whether you want to continue to mix and match as Department 56 does, or if you want to be more consistant in scale and go for matching the scale, to the scale of the bulk of the Dept.56 Dickens Village houses and buildings.

If you choose the later, you’ll either want HO or O Scale, depending on the scale of most of your houses and buildings. Question: I have a dollhouse that I have been working on for awhile. I am not sure what scale furniture to use in my dollhouse. Is there a simple way to figure this out? Please help,

Answer: A six foot tall person will be 11-12″ tall in a PLAYSCALE “Barbie Size”, Fashion Doll Scale dollhouse. The dollhouse doors will be approximately 12-14″ high A six foot tall person will be 6″ tall in a 1″ Scale dollhouse. The dollhouse doors will be approximately 7″ high A six foot tall person will be 3″ tall in a 1/2″ Scale dollhouse.

  1. The dollhouse doors will be approximately 3.5″ high Question: I collect model diecast cars in the 1/24 scale from Franklin and Danbury Mint.
  2. I would like to build some scale period garages for display, but am confused about scales.
  3. What scale would “1/24 scale” translate into for ordering miniature and railroad components and supplies? Would that be “G” scale otherwise known as “1/2″ scale? Answer: Yes.”G” scale.

G scale is a broad scale. In model railroading, there are a number of train and model railroading manufacturers that make trains and accessories in what they call “G” Scale, but they actually vary is scale between manufacturers, from 1:20, 1:22, 1:24 & 1:25 (1/2″ scale).

Because 1/2 Scale or (G) Scale or 1:24 Scale items are hard to find, most hobbiest and scale modelers will mix and match the use of items across the spectrum of the scale. Question: Do you have any windows and doors to fit 1/6 scale houses? I am building a Barbie house and I am having a hard time finding the right size items, especially doors? Answer: A Barbie Doll or Fashion Doll will be 11-12″ tall, which is considered a PLAYSCALE “Barbie Size”, Fashion Doll (2″=1′) Scale dollhouse.

The dollhouse doors will be approximately 12-14″ high. Refer to our PLAYSCALE Doll House Supplies pages. The scale numbers mean nothing if I don’t have the dimensions of the original item. I am looking at the scale items at your website from 121 Scale to 1:160 Scale and have no idea how to relate to these numbers.

Please provide guidance. Here is the best way for us to help you to easily understand “scale” with this bit of information below. Example: In real life, a door is about 7 ft tall. In real life, a man is about 6 ft tall. So. In N scale, (1:160) a man is about,375″ (3/8″) tall. (1/16″=1 foot) In N scale, (1:160) a door is about,44″ (7/16″) tall.

(1/16″=1 foot) In HO scale, (1:87), a man is about,75″ (3/4″) tall. (1/8″=1 foot) In HO scale, (1:87), a door is about,875″ (7/8″) tall. (1/8″=1 foot) In S scale, a man is about 1.125″ (1-1/8″) tall. (3/16″=1 foot) In O scale, (1:48), (1/4″ Scale), a man is about 1.5″ tall.

  • 1/4″=1 foot) In O scale, (1:48), (1/4″ Scale),a door is about 1.75″ tall.
  • 1/4″=1 foot) In G scale, (1:22), a man is about 2.75″ tall.
  • Approx.3/8″=1 foot) In G scale, (1:22), a door is about 3.25″ tall.
  • Approx.3/8″=1 foot) In 1/25 scale, (1/2″ Scale), a man is about 3″ tall.
  • 1/2″=1 foot) In 1/25 scale, (1/2″ Scale), a door is about 3.5″ tall.

(1/2″=1 foot) In 121 scale, (1″ Scale), a man is about 6″ tall. (1″=1 foot) In 121 scale, (1″ Scale), a door is about 7″ tall. (1″=1 foot) 1 32 Slot Car Track So, if you are looking at a miniature building which has a standard front door of a height of approximately 1″ high, then that miniature building will be approximately “HO” scale. If you are wanting to build a scale model of your house, which is approximately 50 feet wide, and you want the model to only be approximately 12 inches wide, then you would need to model the house in “O” Scale.

1″ = 100′ 1:1200 Scale
1″ = 75′ 1:900 Scale
1″ = 60′ 1:700 Scale
1″ = 50′ 1:600 Scale
1″ = 40′ 1:500 Scale
1″ = 30′ 1:400 Scale
1″ = 20′ 1:250 Scale
1″ = 10′ 1:125 Scale
1/32″ = 1′ 1:400 Scale
1/16″ = 1′ 1:200 Scale
3/32″ = 1′ 1:125 Scale
1/8″ = 1′ 1:100 Scale
3/16″ = 1′ 1:75 Scale
1/4″ = 1′ 1:50 Scale
3/8″ = 1′ 1:32 Scale
1/2″ = 1′ 1:24 Scale
3/4″ = 1′ 1:16 Scale
1″ = 1′


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Gauge Ratio Scale (feet) Scale (metric)
Z 1:220 1/18″ =1′ 1.38mm = 305mm
N 1:160 1/13″ =1′ 1.90mm = 305mm
HO 1:87 1/7″ =1′ 3.50mm = 305mm
S 1:64 3/16″ =1′ 4.80mm = 305mm
O, 1/4 1:48 1/4″ =1′ 6.30mm = 305mm
#1 1:32 3/8″ =1′ 9.50mm = 305mm
G, 1/2 1:24 1/2″ =1′


Z SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:220. Looking at the front of a typical Z Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 0.75″ High x 0.5″ Wide.) Z scale was developed in by Märklin in the early 1970’s, and is the smallest of all the working models – so tiny that a little layout will even fit in a briefcase. Most Z trains and equipment are based on European railways. N SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:160. Looking at the front of a typical N Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 1″ High x 0.625″ Wide.) This scale is an ideal choice for apartments or anyone with limited space. N-scale trains are easy to store when not in use and are ruggedly built for trouble-free operation. The small size is fine for teenagers and adults; younger children will need an adult to help to set up or take down a set. HO SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:87. Looking at the front of a typical HO Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 2″ High x 1.5″ Wide.) “HO” means “half – o;” models are half the size of O Scale. HO is the most popular scale with the greatest selection of sets and accessories, as it allows lots of railroad action in a small area. Children may need adult help to set up or take down the set. S SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:64. Looking at the front of a typical S Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 2.75″ High x 2″ Wide.) (American Flyer) S Scale trains appeared in the 1950s (American Flyer was one of several popular brands) as houses grew smaller. Its chief advantage was size; larger than HO for more detail and improved reliability, but smaller than O Scale so less room was needed for a layout. Today, the selection of kits and assembled items is small, but this has made S Scale popular with modelers who enjoy the challenges of scratchbuilding and kitbashing. O SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:48. Looking at the front of a typical O Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 4″ High x 2.5″ Wide.) (also On30, 027, O-31) (Lionel, MTH, Williams, K-Line, Weaver) O Scale trains also include “On30” Sets, which are O Scale models that run on a narrower track – just 30 scale inches wide. They’re ideal for use with Christmas Villages. “O27″ gauge sets will take tighter curves – which makes these O Scale sets a good choice when space for bigger trains is limited. (The number 27 refers to the 27″ diameter of a full circle of track.) If you grew up with Lionel trains, you’ll remember that they were O Scale models. Ruggedly built, they’re a good choice for youngsters or permanent layouts. Many sets feature animated accessories. G SCALE – (Proportion Ratio 1:22.5. Looking at the front of a typical G Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 8″ High x 5” Wide.) (LGB, Aristo, Bachmann G) Big models, sometimes called “Large Scale” trains. Sizes range from 1/22.5 to 1/25 and also includes #1 gauge (1/32 Scale) equipment. The largest electrically powered models, starter sets set up in small areas. Some brands can be used outdoors, in garden layouts. The large size of G-scale trains allows for rugged handling by younger children. Many models have working parts that enhance play valu

MODEL CAR BUILDING – by scale 1 32 Slot Car Track SLOT CAR RACING – by scale

“HO Scale” – A generalized size in the slot car world. Originally 1:76-1:87, in the 1960’s, now usually closer to 1:64 scale. HO Slot Cars vary in size, running from 1:87 (generally the older cars) to 1:64 in scale; but they all run on HO track of approximately the same width, and are generically referred to as “HO” slot cars. A typical HO slot car’s length is from 2.5 to 3.5 inches (5.5–8 cm). As with HO scale trains, one can create a very large race course, in scale, in much less space than the larger scale slot car sizes. The HO race cars are not typically advised for younger children as the cars are smaller, more delicate with operating parts that can easily be broken, if not handled appropriately. Many manufacturers advise for ages 12 years and older. Though there is HO racing on commercial and shop-tracks, most HO racing occurs on home racetracks. “1:43 Scale” – This scale of slot cars and race sets, introduced around 2005, are generally marketed as children’s toys. An average 1:43 slot car’s length would be 4.3″ (10.9 cm). More recently, this scale has had an increased following, and at least one manufacturer has come out with “digital” version two-lane race sets, allowing for individual controlling of multiple cars in the same lane (slot), that can merge, switch lanes and pass, running up to 6 slot cars on a two lane track with 6 separate hand controllers. “1:32 Scale or 1/32” – This scale of slot cars are approximately twice the size of “HO” scale; and larger than the “toy” 1:43 scale. Very popular with both children and adults, the 1:32 Scale slot cars are more durable than HO Scale. The 1:32 Scale slot cars generally have a lot of detail and are truer to the scale and detail to design of the “real thing”. Because of the detail, many enthusiasts will just collect the cars, similar to diecast model collectors. Because the 1:32 Scale slot cars are twice the size of HO scale, it would require twice the space to do the same race course layout that would be accomplished in the HO scale. However, most slot car manufacturers offer a large variety of very challenging and fast race course layout designs, with plenty of straight aways and curves, right out of the box, that will easily fit in a 4′ x 8′ area. Though this scale slot car racing is more suited to home-sized race courses, these scale cars are also widely raced on commercial tracks, in hobby shops or in clubs. A 1:32 car averages 5 to 6 inches (13–15 cm). Scalextric, SCX and Carrera have designed straights and curved track pieces to accomplish race track layouts with straight tracks and curves that are 8 lanes wide. Many slot car racing enthusiasts do this to replicate commercial raceway layouts, and to allow more family and friend racers to participate at the same time. More recently, with the popularity and growth of interest in this scale, at least three manufacturers, including Scalextric, SCX and Carrera, have come out with “digital” version two-lane race sets, allowing for individual controlling of multiple cars in the same lane (slot), that can merge, switch lanes and pass, running up to 6 slot cars on a two lane track with 6 separate hand controllers. “1:24 Scale or 1/24” – This scale of slot cars are the largest slot cars commonly raced. A typical 1:24 slot car might be 7 to 8 inches long (18–20 cm). Unless you have a lot of room, or a big basement, 1:24 cars require a course so relatively large, that it is impractical for many home enthusiasts. So most serious 1:24 racing is done at commercial or club tracks.

Oakridge’s Landscaping in Scale Conversion Chart (tree height chart) 1 32 Slot Car Track Oakridge’s Architectural Conversion Chart

Imperial Decimal Equivalent 1/32″=1′ Inches 1/16″=1′ Inches 1/8″=1′ Inches 1/4″=1′ Inches
,012″ ,012 4.608 2.304 1.152 ,576
,020″ ,020 7.680 3.840 1.920 ,960
1/32″ ,031 12.00 6.00 3.00 1.50
,040 ,040 15.360 7.680 3.84 1.92
3/64″ ,049 18.80 9.40 4.70 2.35
1/16″ ,062 24.00 12.00 6.00 3.00
5/64″ ,078 30.00 15.00 7.50 3.75
3/32″ ,093 36.08 18.04 9.02 4.51
1/8″ ,125 48.00 24.00 12.00 6.00
5/32″ ,156 60.08 30.04 15.02 7.51
3/16″ ,187 72.00 36.00 18.00 9.00
,200 ,200 76.80 38.40 19.20 9.60
1/4″ ,250 96.00 48.00 24.00 12.00
5/16″ ,312 120.00 60.00 30.00 15.00
3/8″ ,375 144.00 72.00 36.00 18.00
,400 ,400 153.60 76.80 38.40 19.20
1/2″ ,500 192.00 96.00 48.00 24.00
3/4″ ,750 288.00 144.00 72.00 36.00
1″ 1.000 384.00 192.00 96.00

Oakridge’s Scale Modeling Decimal to Fractions Conversion Chart Oakridge’s Proportion | Ratio – “In Scale” Modeling Conversion Chart 1 32 Slot Car Track “In Scale” is the relationship between the size of two items. In model railroading, it is generally expressed as a ratio. For example: HO scale is 1:87, that is one inch on the model to 87 inches in the real world. This chart shows the average man in common scale in model railroading. : MODELING IN SCALE – Conversion Charts, Sizes, FAQs
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What is the fastest slot car size?

1:24 Scale – As one of the largest slot car sizes, the 1:24 scale is a favorite for racing. Individuals commonly race these cars on large, 8-lane commercial tracks, and speeds on top road racing cars can reach up to 70 mph. The length of these cars is about 7 to 8 inches or 18 to 20 centimeters.

  • There are several classes of 1:24 slot cars.
  • Most either have a commercial Lexan body on a lightweight laser-cut chassis or a hard body on a hand-built brass chassis.
  • The hard body cars have intricate details, much like the 1:32 scale.
  • The Lexan bodies can also be detailed, but their main focus is speed.

If you are looking for a realistic and fast slot car ideal for racing, especially on a commercial or professional club track, the 1:24 scale is the way to go.
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What was 1950s fastest car?

Fastest car of the 1950s: Aston Martin DB4 GT The newly improved DB4 GT reached a top speed of 153 mph. What’s more, it was also able to reach 302 hp thanks to: A 3.7 L engine.
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Will 1 43 slot cars run on 1:32 track?

So far, only SCX and Carrera offer ready-to-race 1/43 scale cars (although there are occasional toy offerings in sets from firms like Artin). Yes, you can race SCX Compact cars on Carrera Go!!! track and vice versa and both brands will run on any brand of 1/32 scale track.
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What is the standard slot car size?

Carrera – First – Suitable for 3+ – 1:50 Scale Carrera GO! – Suitable for 5+ – 1:43 Scale Carrera Evolution/Digital – Suitable for 8+ – 1:32 Scale Carrera 1:24 – Suitable for 10+ – 1:24 Scale

My First” vs “First” – Both of these systems are very similar and cannot be extended easily. Carrera however does have the benefit of having slightly larger cars and is battery operated. “Micro Scalextric” vs “Carrera GO!” – We would recommend Carrera GO! This range is significantly larger than Scalextric’ “Micro” range, with a good set of Track Extensions and extra cars available to purchase.

  1. The cars are also bigger and more detailed.
  2. Standard Scalextric” vs “Standard Carrera” – We directly compare the systems above.1:64 Scale – This is the smallest size you will find and is only available in the Scalextric “My First” and “Micro” Sets.
  3. The cars are approx 75mm long and low detailed.1:50 Scale – This size is only found in Carrera First.

The cars are approx 85mm long and are nicely detailed.1:43 Scale – This size is only found in Carrera GO! The cars are approx 100mm long and feature a lot of detail.1:32 Scale – This is the most common Slot car size, with cars approx 140mm long. At this scale the cars are very detailed.1:24 Scale – This size is only found in Carrera. 1 32 Slot Car Track
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How wide is Carrera slot car track?

Track Width: Nominal: 200 mm / Actual: 198 mm = 7.79 in.
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What is the fastest car track?

2. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Manthey-Racing – 6:43.300s – Porsche is no stranger to setting lap records at the Nurburgring. The German manufacturer currently holds the outright lap record with its monstrous 919 Hybrid setting a scarcely believable time of 5:19:55s.
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How deep is the slot on a slot car track?

The slot must be a minimum of 8mm deep to meet British (BSCRA) rules, a minimum of 9mm deep to meet International (ISRA) rules.
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How big is a 1:32 scale?

1:32 scale

This article needs additional citations for, Please help by, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: – · · · · ( May 2021 ) ( )

1:32 scale TVR & Porsche on track 1:32 scale is a traditional for models and miniatures, in which one unit (such as an inch or a centimeter) on the model represents 32 units on the actual object. It is also known as “three-eighths scale”, since 3 ⁄ 8 inch represents a foot.

A 6 ft (183 cm) tall person is modeled as 2 + 1 ⁄ 4 in (57 mm) tall in 1:32 scale.1:32 was once so common a scale for toy trains, autos, and soldiers that it was known as “standard size” in the industry (not to be confused with Lionel’s ).1:32 is the scale for toy and model trains. It was the scale of some of the earliest plastic model car kits.

It is a common scale for aircraft models and for, where it is called 54 mm scale, from the height of the human figure.1:32 was used for equipment to match 54 mm for and was common in scale military modeling such as tanks and armored cars until it was largely replaced by,

  • 1:32 is now considered to be the ‘Normal’ scale for agricultural models such as Britains or Siku
  • 1:32 scale is also the preferred scale for modeling aircraft as this “large scale” benefits the builder with the opportunity to better detail his kit or scratch built aircraft project.
  • 1:32 aircraft models also have their own contest category in modeling competitions as per IPMS rules, and 1:32 scale category is considered the top tier in aircraft modeling contest categories.

1:32 is a useful scale for scratch modelling or railways. As well as standard gauge gauge 1 using 45 mm / 1.772 in track, narrow gauge modellers use ( 32 mm / 1.26 in ) track for 42″, 1m and 36″ prototype gauges. Also H0/00 track at 16.5mm is used to represent models of 20 in / 508 mm gauge railways.
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Which is bigger 1:32 or 1 64?

1/32 scale is typically about 15 cm long.1/64 scale is typically about 7.5 cm long.
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Which is bigger 1/24 scale or 1/32 scale?

What is diecast scale? This is the first question most beginning diecast collectors encounter when they start to buy diecast cars. Diecast scale is really just a measure of diecast car size. It may seem confusing at first, but it’s really not so complicated. 1 32 Slot Car Track The scale of a diecast vehicle is an indication of its size relative to the actual car that it is modeled after. This means that a 1/24 scale diecast toy car is one 24th the size of the actual car. A 1/18 scale car is one 18th the size of the actual car, and so on.

Note that diecast scale is expressed either as a fraction or as a ratio – both have the same meaning. So 1/24 and 1:24 are exactly the same as far as vehicle scale is concerned. Here’s an example: if a real-life Corvette Stingray is about 15 feet (180 inches) long, then a 1/24 scale Corvette Stingray will be about 7 1/2 inches long (180 divided by twenty-four).

A 1/18 scale replica of the same car would be 10 inches long (180 divided by 18). A 1/64 scale replica would be about 2.8 inches long. In general, this means that for the same model car, a 1/18 scale version will be larger than a 1/24 scale version, which is larger than a 1/32, which is larger than a 1/43, which is larger than a 1/64, and so on.

Diecast Scale Approximate Size
1/18 Scale 9-12 inches / 24-30 cm
1/24 Scale 6.5-8 inches / 16-20 cm
1/32 Scale 4-6 inches / 10-15 cm
1/43 Scale 3.5-5 inches / 8-12 cm
1/64 Scale 2.5-3 inches / 6-7.5 cm

Thus, a 1/18 scale diecast car is usually about 9-12 inches (depending on the size of the actual car). A 1/24 scale diecast car is generally about 6.5-8 inches. Many of the cars made in the smaller scales (1/32-1/38) are actually made so that the car will be exactly 5 inches long, regardless of the scale.

  1. The 1/64 scale cars are a similar size to “matchbox” cars, usually 2/5-3 inches.
  2. Finally, it’s important to note that larger vehicles, such as trucks or construction vehicles, are often made on a smaller scale (1/50 or 1/64), but are in fact about the size of 1/24 scale cars, since the actual vehicle is much larger.
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To get a better idea, please consult the picture above, which shows several different scale cars lined up next to each other. Here is a complete list of scale sizes with more info from Wikipedia If you’d like to browse cars of a specific size, here are links to MTC’s car offerings by scale: 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars 1/24 Scale Diecast Cars 1/28 to 1/40 Scale Diecast Cars 1/43 Scale Diecast Cars 1/64 Scale Diecast Cars If you have any questions whatsoever regarding vehicle scale or other details, please Contact Us,
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What does HO stand for in slot cars?

HOPRA About Us Background H.O., which stands for half “O” gauge (1/87th), cars were originally produced as accessory items for H.O. scale replica trains. As the cars themselves became more popular, they emerged as a hobby all their own. Over the years, they have grown to a size closer to 1/64th scale (2 to 2 1/2 inches long) or about half the dimensions of 1/32nd scale cars.

Design and build your very own racetrack layout or construct a replica of a famous track like Indianapolis, Watkins Glen or Riverside. Build a collection of exotic sports cars such as Porsches and Ferraris or classic American cars like the ‘32 Ford Coupe, ‘57 Corvette and others in H.O. scale. Run your very own race team or design and fabricate special cars and parts in H.O. scale. Organize a local club and hold races to sharpen your driving skills against others for bragging rights, trophies, prizes or even championships.

​ All these activities and many more are possible with H.O. scale slot cars. And, best of all, it’s one of the most economical hobbies around; it won’t cost you a fortune! ​ About Us H.O. slot car racing is the fun, exciting hobby/sport that can give you all of the thrills of real car racing at a fraction of the cost! H.O.

Scale cars can be raced any time of the year and can be run in the comfort of your own home. It’s a hobby enjoyed by millions throughout the years and still offers fun that the whole family can share and enjoy. The H.O. Professional Racing Association (HOPRA) provides the leadership for organizing H.O.

scale racing in the best possible way. For over 45+ years, we at HOPRA have been scheduling races and championships to give race fans and H.O. enthusiasts the opportunity to become more involved with scale auto racing and add to their enjoyment of racing and H.O.

Cars. Established in 1969, HOPRA has been dedicated to the promotion and advancement of H.O. slot car racing and has run many state championships and larger races throughout the country. Starting in 1975 and every year since, HOPRA has held its annual National Championship event that draws the best H.O.

slot racers from around the world. As the only independent organization that deals with H.O. scale slot car racing on a National level, we have rules and guidelines established by leading groups and individuals from across the United States. HOPRA takes pride in our organization structure.Throughout the years HOPRA has expanded on this foundation maintaining the original structure set in place by the founders of our organization.

  1. HOPRA is structured into National Executive Committee members reporting up to a National Director.
  2. It is organized in such a way to ensure every member has a voice.
  3. Structured to focus on the members and the sport at all times, HOPRA will ensure HO racing stays fun and competitive for many years to come.

​It is the duty of the National Executive Committee to establish rules for the annual National Championship Race; to assist in the running of each state’s series if needed; to settle all matters of dispute related to official HOPRA business; to help insure a solid racing program within every phase of HOPRA; to help promote uniformity among the states and in general to promote a feeling of goodwill and sportsmanship within the sport of HO scale slot car racing, with a sense of fair play and the best interest of the sport in mind at all times.

  • Specific duties and organizational structure can be found in our rule book.
  • ​ HOPRA can help you become involved with this fun and exciting sport if you are just starting out.
  • We can also show you how to increase your enjoyment if you would like to become more involved with H.O.
  • Scale slot car racing.
  • We can help you expand your H.O.

slot car racing horizons! ​ Located on the contacts menu you can find the Senate Representative that lives closest to you. They will be happy to assist you and answer any questions. You can also fill out the contact form. ​ : HOPRA About Us
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Which expansion slot is the fastest?


One bottleneck common to both ISA and PCI slots is the need to share a communications path with other expansion slots on the board. Accelerated Graphics Port slots streamline communication between the GPU and memory by eliminating the shared path. This direct path allows the GPU to run at higher clock speeds than are possible with standard ISA or PCI slots. Motherboards can only support one AGP slot, so if additional graphics cards are required, they must be installed in other slot types on the motherboard. AGP expansion cards are available in four versions: 1X, 2X, 4X and 8X. AGP-8X is the fastest, with a transfer rate of 2,100 megabytes per second. The cards are also available in three slot configurations designed to be powered from the motherboard by 1.5 volts, 3.3 volts or both. Not all AGP cards will work on all AGP motherboards so care must be taken when purchasing these graphics cards.

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Are slot cars AC or DC?

Power Supplies – Analogue – A slot car motor normally runs on 12/14 volts DC but the power coming out of your sockets at home is 230 volts AC (110v AC in USA), so it would be positively dangerous to plug your track straight into the mains supply! Therefore all manufacturers provide a transformer/rectifier to drop the voltage and convert it to DC in a safe manner.
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How fast are the Downton Abbey cars?

With a burst tire after reaching a speed of 125mph. Cars lined up at the starting line for the 3-lap 100 mph Long Handicap race at the Brooklands Whitsun meeting.
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How fast can a 1930s car go?

Historic Grand Prix Round 1 – 1/32 Slot Car Racing

Fastest car of the 1930s: Duesenberg Model SJ The baseline Model SJ maxed out at 140 mph. It even held the record until 1990 for the highest average speed over a 24-hour period.
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What is the fastest quarter mile drag car?

1/10 2021 Rimac Nevera – 1 32 Slot Car Track Via Rimac The one and only Rimac Nevera is currently the fastest 1/4-mile car in the world with a time of 8.58 seconds, Only 100 units are planned to be released with an MSRP of $2.4 million. 1 32 Slot Car Track Via Rimac If specs are kind of your thing then we should let you know that the car’s top speed is 256 mph and starting for a still point it can reach 60 mph in less than two seconds! Oh, and did we mention that it is powered by four liquid-cooled electric motors for a grand output of 1,914 hp?! And yeah, that is an electric car we’re talking about!
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What is the fastest quarter?

8/10 McLaren P1 – 9.8s – 1 32 Slot Car Track via McLaren Following in the footsteps of the iconic McLaren F1, the P1 is a stunning piece of automotive design that earned its spot in folklore for leveraging its hybrid technology to pioneer the hypercar segment. Despite sharing the same development strategy as the F1, the P1 improved on the formula through features like Race Active Chassis Control, electro-hydraulically assisted steering, hydro-pneumatic suspension, and a fast-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. 1 32 Slot Car Track via McLaren The P1 wears the crown for the world’s first hybrid supercar, featuring a 727hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 paired with a 177hp permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor. This active hybrid system allows the McLaren P1 to pass the quarter-mile mark in 9.8 seconds at 148.9 mph.
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