Make Your Own Poker Chips?

Make Your Own Poker Chips

Can you make your own poker chips?

The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. Custom Poker Chips designed online utilizing our state of the art design platform allows you to create your customized poker chips from one of our many templates, or build yours from scratch! If you don’t have an artist’s touch, have no fear as we have the best graphic designers in the industry.

Product Highlights:
  • As low as $.30/chip
  • Ship in 1-3 Days*
  • Free Online Design
  • Made in USA
  • No Stickers or Labels
  • Free Alignment*

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What can I use as a poker chip?

How to Play Poker Without Chips – You can use just about any countable small object as a substitute for chips in a poker game. A few of the best alternatives to poker chips include:

Play Money – Whether it’s Monopoly money or from another board game, play money provides perhaps the best substitute for poker chips. The denominations are already printed on play money, making it an optimal alternative for keeping track of pots. Board Game Pieces – If you’re go-to board game is Scrabble instead of Monopoly, you can use Scrabble tiles as your poker currency. Pieces from other board games work just as well. You can assign money values to various board game pieces, or just count each piece as one unit. Food – Like board game pieces, small, dried food can work as a stand-in for poker chips. Dried beans, corn, or seeds (if they’re on the larger side) can be used as poker currency. Be careful about using M&Ms, Skittles, cookies, or potato chips as poker currency. These kinds of food items can create quite a mess, as player’s hands become sticky or greasy after a time. Office Supplies – Paper clips are probably the top choice if you’re going to use office supplies as poker chips. Office supplies are particularly useful if an unexpected poker game breaks out at work. Other office items that can be used include rubber bands, post-it notes, and tacks. Spare Change – Spare change might seem like the most obvious substitute for poker chips. The only drawback is that you’re limited by how much spare change you have laying around.

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How do they make poker chips?

How It’s Made: Ceramic Poker Chips Ceramic poker chips are extremely popular with gaming professionals and those looking for a high-end promotional chip. In this post, I’m going to discuss their composition, how they’re printed and show you some photos along the way of the process and some finished pieces.

  • Overview: A blank ceramic poker chip is not actually made of pure ceramic.
  • It’s a blend of some composite plastics with a polyester like material.
  • The polyester material is what accepts the ink (more about the printing process later).
  • The blank chip generally comes in five diameter sizes 39mm, 40mm, 43mm, 46mm, 50.8mm.

The 39mm and 40mm sizes are standard poker chip sizes, the 43mm is for those who prefer a slightly larger chip, the 46mm is mostly used for military challenge coins, and the 50.8mm size is used for dealer buttons. The weight of a 39mm – to 40mm chip is around 10 grams, which is generally lighter than most clay chips, simply because heavier clay chips have a metal core for added weight.

  • Ceramic chips are printed under high heat and if it had a metal core, it could expand and could crack the chip.
  • However there have been some recent advances in chip structure that allow for a metal core, and it’s something we are currently experimenting with.
  • One of the biggest advantages of a ceramic chip is that it starts off completely white.

This allows you to have a blank canvas to print almost anything you want from edge to edge on the chip. With a clay chip, you can only customize the center, and you have to accept the outer molding design for whatever it is. Furthermore, you can customize the thin edge of the chip (known as the rolling edge, as its the edge you can roll the chip on a flat surface).

  1. The rolling edge can be decorated with stripes and even text and symbols, which is a really cool feature.
  2. The Chip Feel Ceramic gaming chips have a solid ceramic feel.
  3. They are durable enough where they will not break during gaming use.
  4. However, they can chip if dropped on a hard surface.
  5. Ceramic chips stack really well which is another reason poker players really like the chip.

The surfaces can come in smooth or even a matte surface which allows for even better stackability. With a matte surface, however, you may see a slight decrease in image crispness as the surface is not completely smooth. The Printing Ceramic chips use a print process called dye sublimation.

  • The ink is pressed into the chip with a heat press using heat around 390 degrees F.
  • This high heat causes the solid ink to turn to a gas and permeate the surface of the chip, in turn, bonding to the polyester material that is part of the chip composition.
  • Because the ink permeates the chip, it’s not on the surface, but actually inside the chip itself.

This means the ink will never wear off the chip unless the chip itself becomes worn down, which is something that could take a very long time even with daily play. It’s a reason casinos and card rooms prefer ceramics. The printing process itself is extremely labor intensive and really does border on what would be considered fine art printing.

While the images themselves are printed onto transfer paper with a digital printer, everything else in the process is done by hand. Strict controls over the heat press temperature, pressure and time settings must occur, or the image results can be washed out and color reproduction may not be accurate.

The humidity levels in the printing environment must be under control as well. Because of the difficult printing process, you will pay more for a custom ceramic poker chip than one that is digitally printed or one that has an inlay label. But the fact that the end result is a chip that you can print your design from edge to edge, stacks well, lasts long, and is more difficult to counterfeit because each chip can be made unique, are the reasons to consider a ceramic gaming chip.
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How do you make real casino chips?

How Real Casino and Commercial Poker Chips Are Made If you’ve ever seen or played a casino game then there’s a chance you inquired about how real casino poker chips are made. Anyone who’s ever been in a casino or played a game of cards at home using commercial poker chips has likely noticed the variations in sizes, colors, designs and textural imprints for each poker chip.

I decided to “slice” into the issue and let you know exactly what materials are used. How are real casino and commercial poker chips made? There are two primary methods used to manufacture casino and commercial poker chips. The mos t common method used is a process called injection molding, which utilizes ABS plastic as the primary material.

T he second method used is the compression and molding of clay. Now, let’s take a closer look at how poker chips are made and cover any other questions you might have.
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Can poker chips be faked?

Serial numbers – Printing serial numbers on the chips as counterfeit protection – even the microscopic variety – isn’t the ideal strategy against counterfeit casino chips. Not only can counterfeiters simply fabricate serial numbers, but they can also make facsimiles of the same chip with the same serial number again and again.
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Are poker chips color coded?

The Basics of Poker Chip Values and Colors Like cash games, tournament chips are coloured to represent different values. Players begin with a standard number of chips.
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What are real casino poker chips made of?

Construction – Authentic clay chip manufactured for home use. $1 chip from, Las Vegas, NV. The vast majority of authentic casino chips are “” chips but can be more accurately described as compression molded chips. Contrary to popular belief, no gaming chip going as far back as the 1950s has been 100% clay.

  • Modern clay chips are a composition of materials more durable than clay alone.
  • At least some percentage of the chips is of an earthen material such as sand, chalk, and clay similar to that found in,
  • The process used to make these chips is a, and varies slightly by manufacturer, most being relatively expensive and time-consuming per chip.

The edge spots, or inserts, are not painted on; to achieve this effect, this area of the clay is removed and then replaced with clay of a different color; this can be done to each chip individually or a strip can be taken out of a cylindrical block of material and replaced with the alternate color before the block is cut into chips.

  1. Then each chip receives a mid-inlay if desired, and is placed in a special mold that compresses the chip, hence the term compression molded chips.
  2. The pressure of the compression and the heat that is added varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  3. The printed graphics on clay chips is called an inlay.
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Inlays are typically made of paper and are then clad with a plastic film applied to the chip prior to the compression molding process. During the molding process the inlay becomes permanently fastened to the chip and can not be removed from the chip without destroying the inlay.

chips were introduced in the mid 1980s as alternative to clay chips, and are also used in casinos, as well as being readily available to the home market. The ability to print lettering and graphics on the entire surface of the chip, instead of just the inlay, made them popular. Ceramic chips are sometimes also referred to as clay or clay composite, but they are in fact an injection-molded chip made with a special plastic or resin formula that approximates the feel and sound of ceramic or porcelain.

There are less expensive chips for the home market, made from various forms of plastic and plastic covered metal slugs as well. The chips used in United States casinos typically weigh about 10 grams, but they can be between 8 and 16 g worldwide. The major companies that manufacture chips for licensed casinos are Gaming Partners International (whose subdivisions include Paulson, Bud Jones, and B&G), Matsui, GTI Gaming, and Abbiati.
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What are most poker chips made of?

How Poker Chips Are Made – There are three kinds of common poker chip material: clay, plastic, and ceramic. Clay is traditional and durable, while plastic chips can be easily mass-produced. Ceramic poker chips are also easily made in bulk, and are rapidly becoming the chip of choice for live games at many casinos.

  1. Compression molding is used for clay chips, whereas for plastic chips injection molding is used.
  2. Ceramic chips are blended with polymers, and the same can be said for clay chips – they are made with other materials besides clay to make them harder to counterfeit, more durable, and less likely to dent or scratch.

Poker chips are usually made in China or the United States. Like with many things, manufacturing is cheaper in China, but if you don’t want to deal with language barriers when it comes to important matters like customization, or if you just want to buy American, there is no shortage of American chip manufacturers. Make Your Own Poker Chips
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Do casinos use ceramic poker chips?

Ever since poker chips have been available for home poker players to purchase and use there have been retailers touting their product as “casino poker chips”. Are these all casino quality chips? What are casino poker chips? I do realize that there may be a large percentage of home poker players that have never stepped foot in a real casino or poker room, so they may not be fully aware of what a true casino poker chip is like.

  • So, I will try to explain what you will find and then will provide some sort of clarification in regards to what retailers are calling “casino quality poker chips”.
  • Casinos generally use two types of poker chips, clay or ceramic, with the majority of the chips being clay poker chips.
  • The term “clay” is a misnomer, though, since the material that the chips are made out of are not real clay.

If the chips were real clay they would be much too fragile to be used as much as they are used in casinos. They would wear down or break apart from just a fair amount of use. Instead, the material is a composition of polymers that set with high heat and possibly some earthen materials.

However, all casino clay poker chips are painstakingly produced through a process of compression molding. This is a multi-step process. The first step is a simple compression of the base chip. The base chip is cut out to allow stripes around the outside of the chip and then it is pressed again. Finally, an inlay is placed in the center of the chip and it undergoes one last pressing.

Due to the amount of labor used to produce these chips, clay poker chips are very expensive and there are only a handful of companies worldwide that produce true compression molded clay poker chips. During the last couple years many retailers have marketed their poker chips as “clay poker chips”.

However, they are NOTHING like the real clay poker chips that are found in casinos. If you are looking for these to use for your home game, make sure you look for the brand name, “Paulson”. There are some Paulson clay poker chips available to purchase for the home market, but these can not be customized.

The other casino poker chip style is a ceramic poker chip. These are completely different than clay poker chips. They are made from a single composition material, which while is not fully ceramic, they retain qualities of a ceramic material. Ceramic poker chips are flat on the faces due to the printing technique used to put the image on.

The image is applied through a heat press technique and is not a label, sticker, or paint. One thing to note about casino poker chips, whether they are clay or ceramic, is that they practically never weight more than 10g. If a retailer is advertising casino quality poker chips but they weigh 11.5g, 13g, or more, then they definitely are not what they are claimed to be.

One other thing that can be a big indication is price. If the price is $0.10-0.40/chip, they are not real casino quality chips. The types of poker chips used in casinos (clay or ceramic) require a lot of labor so the price is high and will always be high.
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How do casinos clean poker chips?

The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Your Poker Chips at Home Poker chips are undoubtedly one of the most important components for any game of Texas Hold’em. Collectors usually choose not to wash their chips in order to keep their precious collections in their original state.

  • But for common chips that are used frequently, keeping them clean and hygienic is an important task worthy of your time and attention.
  • In professional Texas Hold’em poker tournaments or casinos, there are usually poker chip cleaning machines that will clean the chips for you.
  • If you are hosting a poker home game, then you probably don’t have a poker chip cleaning machine.

But don’t worry; we have everything you need to know on how to clean your poker chips. Don’t Scratch Your Chips Don’t try to scratch off or scrape away any stains or dirt on the chips. Clay and ceramic poker chips that have decal, labels, or imprinting require more careful cleaning.

  • The beautiful markings on your chips (especially the patterns, denominations, names of the donors, etc.) are often susceptible to being easily removed, therefore extra attention is needed to resist the urge to scratch or scrape.
  • Choose Your Tools Carefully Any abrasive material is a bad idea for cleaning your chips.

You can use a soft cloth or your hands to clean the chips gently. A soft-bristled toothbrush, or even a used one that has been sterilized and cleaned, is acceptable. When cleaning, don’t use acid detergent. Use a mild cleaning detergent or neutral soap instead.

  • Remember to be gentle during the whole process.
  • Don’t Use St eam or H eat It might sound like a good idea to use steam or heat from boiling water to clean up any dirt or germs on the chips.
  • Truth is, the heat and moist will cause the clay chips to lose their rigidity and, as a result, warp, which is the worst-case scenario.

In addition, you should not immerse or rinse your chips with hot water or soak them for too long. Let the Experts Help If you have valuable poker chips or chips that mean a lot to you, it is better to keep them on display instead of playing with them.

  • Pay for an expert to have them cleaned safely.
  • Dry ing and S torage Use a soft cloth to dry the chips right after you clean them, a few chips at a time.
  • After you finish the cleaning process, make sure the chips are dry, then store them in a safe and dry place, such as a chip case or a display box to keep them clean when they’re not in use and protect the surface from abrasion and corrosion.

However, due to continual handling, it is inevitable that your chips will get dirty. For example, the oil on the fingers or other dirt and grime on the table will attach to the surface of the poker chips. Therefore, in order to keep the chips clean and hygienic, other than remedial cleaning, it is also very important to keep the following good habits:

Before the game starts, wipe the table or prepare a clean poker mat; Wash your hands before the game; Keep your snacks or drinks off the table. If you accidentally spill, clean it up as soon as possible; Avoid grabbing food with your hands. Try not to serve finger foods and keep away from greasy or oily foods.

While keep your chips clean is important for you to maintain a good Texas Hold’em poker gaming experience, the vitality of the poker chips do not simply lie in their beautiful presence but also in the moments when they are present on the “arena field” – poker table.
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Where do casinos get their chips?

Where Do I Find Custom Poker Chips Like in Casinos? Q: If I want to order a set of custom poker/casino chips, how can I do that? I want to have the same quality/style as the clay chips you find in many casinos.

A:Plenty of chip manufacturers offer custom poker-chip sets. Apache Poker Chips is just one of many, but representative of what you’ll find out there in chip land. You can buy 1,000 casino-quality clay chips, customized with your name and city, and even a logo, for $899; for faster service, select from one of Apache’s existing designs. Five hundred custom chips will cost you $490, 300 custom chips for $240, and 300 blank chips for 32 cents apiece.Though most chip companies sell ceramic and composite chips, look for Milano clay chips, which weigh 10 grams each, same as in the casinos.

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For local chips, the Gambler’s General Store sells chips manufactured by Nevada Gaming Chip (formerly headquartered at at the store). They make chips for the Mob Museum, Las Vegas’ Mayor Goodman, and casinos around the world, at their facility at 1916 E.

  1. Charleston Boulevard.
  2. From our understanding, it’s the only chip company in the world that prints ultra-high-resolution chip inlays (1,600 x 1,600 DPI).
  3. They also use high quality and durable paper and laminate coating on the market.
  4. In fact, their chips are even heavier than Milanos, at 11.5 grams, and will customize.

Prices start at 79¢ per chip for a minimum of 100 and go down to 65¢ for orders over 2,000. Call 702-305-4002 or email at, Also in Las Vegas, Spinnetti’s Gaming Supply (810 Commerce Street) has a large selection of poker chips, jetons, and plaques starting at eight grams and going higher.

They come with or without denominations and you can buy stock or custom chips. Their prices for 11.5-gram chips start at eight cents apiece. sells non-custom Milano chips in 12 different denominations (25 cents to $10,000) in sets of 25 for $7.50. It also sells all kinds of carriers, cases, carousels, trays, and tubes to keep them all organized; eight different brands of playing cards; and poker tables if you really want to simulate casino conditions.

And again, plenty of suppliers out there will sell to you; our Google search came up with eight million results, including,,,, the,, and of course, all on the first search page.
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How hard is it to forge casino chips?

Why Fake Chips Are Difficult To Make – Casino chips – also known as checks, cheques and tokens – are usually made of molded plastic or ‘clay’. As mentioned, they vary in weight, style, design, markings and color from one casino to the other. The colors of chips used in casinos are usually the same, with the value denominations as follows:

White – $1Red – $5Green – $25Black – $100Purple – $500Orange – $1,000

However, ask any artist or designer, or just plan to repaint your home, and you’ll instantly realize that there are more shades of each of these colors than you can imagine. So even though all casinos might have green $25 chips, the exact shade is distinct and can be hard for counterfeiters to match.

That’s why most counterfeiters start with $1 checks (white) from their target casino. They’re a suitable material and this helps with weight and feel for counterfeiting higher value chips. But even then, painting a white chip the correct shade of black without altering its weight or feel is very difficult.

And it’s not just the black but the color of the stripes that are on all chips as well. Even if scammers can match the shades exactly and remember to check for UV markings and keep the weight and feel similar, there is still the inlay on each chip. That has the casino, the denomination and, depending on the value of the chip, potentially lots of other security features. Make Your Own Poker Chips Image: mizmareck/Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0
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Why can’t you forge casino chips?

Every Popular Casino Anti-Counterfeit Measure Explained – Casinos have three main ways used to detect people trying to counterfeit chips into their establishments. It’s difficult to recognise real-looking fake chips, but the casino staff is usually trained to do so.

Security Cameras

Those rooms with security guards looking at every security camera at the same time may be reserved for the movies, but it’s true that casinos have cameras everywhere. If a player turns in fake chips and then walks away, the casino staff will most definitely check security footage to catch the perpetrator and prohibit their entrance to the casino or press charges against them.

UV Light Scanners

High-end casinos or casinos with reputable security will use UV scanners to see if the chips have been modified by the players or if any hologram security feature is there when the gambler turns in the money. UV light also helps detect irregularities in casino chips.

Holograms and Microstamping

Chips are created under the same security circumstances as bills. They are often embedded with security features that make them quite difficult to forge from scratch. Some casinos even put numbers on their chips, just like treasuries do with money. Holograms and microstamping are two of the most common and effective chip anti-counterfeit measures used by modern casinos.
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What color is a $25000 casino chip?

25,000 Chips and Higher – Tournament poker chips at 25,000 and higher vary widely from casino to casino. Even the WSOP uses vastly different colors for high-denomination tournament chips across its multiple chipsets. The WSOP Main Event chipset uses forest green for 25,000 chips, and lavender for 100,000 chips. Make Your Own Poker Chips Chips from the World Series of Poker Main Event set.
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Are poker chips tracked?

By Scott Roeben, on March 01 2021 We love casino chips! Here’s a hastily slapped-together collection of chip facts to stuff into your Vegas-hungry brain.1. Chips are also called “checks” or “cheques.” 2. Nevada regulations say casino chips must be 1.55 inches in diameter (for chips used in games other than baccarat). Make Your Own Poker Chips Imagine the shapes we’d see if round wasn’t mandated. And we know what you’re thinking. Please grow up.5. Chips are made from sand, chalk and clay, similar to the materials used in kitty litter.6. One of the reasons casino chips are used is players gamble more with chips than cash. It’s not money, it’s chips! 7. Each casino’s chips have a unique design. Make Your Own Poker Chips Some of our favorite casino chips in Las Vegas.8. Chip colors represent the chip’s value. Common colors are white ($1), red ($5), green ($25) and black ($100).9. Chip denominations often have nicknames based upon their color. A purple $500 chip is called a “Barney.” Yellow chips, worth $1,000, are “bananas” or “canaries” or “bumblebees” (some casinos use orange, they’re “pumpkins”). Make Your Own Poker Chips Casino chips sometimes serve as snark delivery devices.12. Casino chip collecting falls under the category of “numismatics,” the study or collection of currency (coins, tokens, paper money and related objects). To get even more specific, chip collecting is considered “exonumia,” the area of numismatics that focuses on items that are not legal tender.13.

In the late 1800s, higher value chips were blue. That’s where we get the term “blue chip stocks.” 14. One of the security measures used in casino chips is RFID technology. Embedded RFID tags (most often used in high value chips) broadcast unique identifiers over radio frequencies. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID tags allow casinos to keep track of chips, monitor play and even thwart thieves. For example, when an asshat robbed Bellagio, his $1.5 million in chips were rendered worthless when the casino turned off the RFID chips.15. Adding chips to your bet after an outcome (such as the ball landing in a pocket at roulette) is a method of cheating called “capping.” Removing chips is called “pinching.” It’s also known as “not very smart.” Bonus chip trivia: A chip made famous by the Game Show Network series “Catch 21” is called the “Power Chip.” We should know. Make Your Own Poker Chips Yes, that’s Carlton. No, we didn’t do the dance. The advent of electronic games has eliminated chips in some games, but there’s still nothing quite like the feel of chips when you’re in the middle of an epic craps roll. Make Your Own Poker Chips Craps with dice is like Kanye without Kim. Yes, we consume pop culture. It’s not always about Las Vegas, you know. The sound of clicking chips is so intertwined with casinos, it simply wouldn’t be the same without them. The COVID-19 crisis has inspired casinos to clean their chips much more frequently, a practice that should continue into the future as some had not cleaned their chips since the Carter administration.
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Do poker chips have trackers?

Using RFID Tags, every casino chip can be tagged and tracked.
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What color is a $5000 chip?

Make Your Own Poker Chips Do the math. That’s a lot of cash in the Aria high-limit baccarat lounge. Photo: Rick Lax Recently I got to tour Aria’s gorgeous high-roller baccarat lounge. Holy crap, they’ve got some serious money stashed back there. If you play table games in Las Vegas, you know that red chips are worth $5, green chips are worth $25 and black chips are worth $100.

And maybe, if you have a really good night, when you go to cash in your chips, the dealer will convert some of your black chips to purple ones, which are worth $500 each. Or even yellow chips, which are worth $1,000 each. It’s happened to me 10 or 12 times over the years. But what’s the next level? What happens after the $1,000 mark? Things get patriotic.

The next level up, the $5,000 chip, is known as a “flag,” because it’s white with blue and red accents. If you’ve got a flag on you, be careful not to confuse it with a white $1 chip and leave it as a tip for your cocktail waitress. Then again, if you’re the type of person who gambles with “flags,” a $5,000 loss probably won’t even blip your radar.

Next level: “melon.” These guys are worth a whopping $25,000 each. Can you imagine how many actual melons a “melon” could buy you? If you shop at Whole Foods, at least a dozen. Finally, there’s the granddaddy of ’em all. The high-roller lounge doesn’t even keep these guys the main room; you have to go back to one of the ultra-ultra-high-level back rooms.

That’s where you’ll find the yellow, orange and gray chips worth $100,000 each. Take a look at that photo. I count about 60 gray chips in that stack. That’s $6,000,000 that fits in a clutch. That chip case contains more money than most people will make in a lifetime.
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What is a 3 letter word for poker chips?

Make Your Own Poker Chips Try P O T for the place where they are wagered.
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What are black chips worth?

California – There are no legal mandates on gaming chip colors in California, but there is a common color coding used in most organized games:

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$1: Usually blue, but varies$2: Green$3: Red$5: Yellow$10: Brown$20: Black$25: Purple$100: White (sometimes oversize)$500: Brown, gray (often oversize)

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Can you forge poker chips?

Related Questions – Can you fake casino chips? Due to RFID technology it would be virtually impossible to fake a casino chip. Even if you could, it is a really bad idea. Casinos take counterfeiting their chips seriously and you would likely end up with a felony on your record.

  1. What to do if you find a casino chip? Cities with casinos are big places with tons of traffic.
  2. If you are lucky enough to find a lost casino chip, unless you see someone searching the floor near you, it’s fine to just keep it.
  3. However, you may want to take it to the cage and make sure it’s no counterfeit before you use it at the tables.

Can you exchange chips at other casinos? No, you cannot typically exchange chips from one casino at another. The exception is that if two casinos are owned by the same company. In that case, they may do an exchange for you at the cage.
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What kind of clay are poker chips made of?

Discount Poker Shop Poker Chip Materials: Which One Should You Choose? Make Your Own Poker Chips Poker is a game enjoyed by many people across the United States. While some choose to play the game in a casino environment, others choose to play at home with friends and family. The first poker “chips” were made from gold pieces and coins. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the first were created.

Supermarket – The cheapest type of poker chips are the plastic “supermarket” chips that you’d find in a poker set for children and not meant for real poker play. These chips are not weighted well and are often difficult to stack. Super Diamond – “Super Diamond” chips are better weighted than “supermarket” chips at 8.5 ounces. They are normal size and can be hot-stamped for customization. ABS Plastic – ABS plastic chips are also known as “Dice Chips” because of the ring of card suits around the outer edge. While these chips are of relatively higher quality, they are not true “casino-style” chips. Faux Clay – Faux clay chips are relatively affordable for the home poker player, but can be difficult to find. They are significantly less slippery than the Super Diamond chips and stack easily. Mid-range Plastic and Injection-molded Plastic – Mid-range plastic chips undergo a manufacturing process that makes them feel softer than other plastic chips. They are less slippery than ABS plastic. Injection-molded chips are slightly better in quality, but they are not widely sold.

Clay Composite vs Clay Clay Composite – Clay composite chips are only one step down from casino-grade clay chips. They are manufactured using an injection molding/compression molding process. This process creates a chip that is extremely close to the real deal.

  • In fact, some people have said that if you are blindfolded, you will be unable to tell the difference between a true clay chip and a composite chip.
  • These chips have become extremely popular among home poker players in the past few years and often feature a metal insert to give them a weighted feel.
  • Composite chips look and sound very close to true clay chips, but cost around 30% less.

Clay – True clay chips are the most respected type of chip available on the market. Most clay chips today feature the addition of chalk or sand to strengthen the clay component. These chips are made using compression molding to bond the materials together.

  • Because clay chips are not mass-produced, they often display minor imperfections.
  • These chips have an outstanding “splash” sound and a great texture.
  • They are more than mass-produced chips and are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and weights.
  • These chips are the most expensive of all poker chips but if you don’t mind spending the money, consider these for your home poker set.

The game of poker is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Make the experience worthwhile by investing in high-quality poker chips. : Discount Poker Shop Poker Chip Materials: Which One Should You Choose?
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What are Las Vegas poker chips made of?

The Evolution of the Casino Chip – Picture this: you’ve just touched down in Las Vegas for the start of your vacation and you are greeted by the site of gambling. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid the casinos and the other visitors looking to take home multiple winnings throughout your time in Sin City. Where did the casino chip come from? As you hear the clinking sound of chips you can’t help but associated the Las Vegas lights and action! In the beginning, when the first gaming venue was opened in Venice around the 17 th century, the gaming world was run by cash for nearly 200 years.

Cash as a currency was how it began, but it was during the Gold Rush days of the West when gamers of chance began to use gold and silver nuggets, gold dust, metal tokens, and chips made of ivory as their “bank” for wagering purposes. As poker players began to grow in number, the use of ivory chips and gold nuggets became much easier to forge, encouraging establishments to brand their own chips and develop a common denominator across all gaming platforms.

Once different gambling locations began to develop their own unique brands, it was during the 1880s when they began to manufacture the uniform design of the poker chip. This involved a circular design across all gambling currency made up of compressed sand and clay.

Throughout the years, color was incorporated in the new design to help overcome the confusion of different currency exchange at the tables. As the common look of the poker chip was developed, it was then spread to other gaming options such as blackjack, craps, faro, and roulette. When casino gambling was legalized in Nevada in the 1930s, casino owners were better prepared for the high volume of gamblers with the new currency established and set in place.

How has the casino chip design changed? The majority of poker chips exchanged in the gaming world are created from a composite that includes clay, but, in the end, is a much more durable version of clay. A variety of Las Vegas casinos also consist of ceramic chips, similar to the currency used for a poker game held at your home.

But, how has the design changed throughout the years? How did casinos decide on the colors and all the minor features of these small tokens to make them so intriguing to gamblers? In the beginning, some of the earliest casino chips only consisted of ivory and a printed face value, and a step in the correct direction when it came to the poker currency.

Chips across the board were different when it came to size and material from location to location, and in terms of size, bigger was always better. As time went on, the variety of tokens available as currency were still too easy for individuals to forge.

With the 20 th century came the opportunity to develop chips with the use of high pressure machinery and a standardized chip size was developed. This casino chip size, across the board today, is 39mm in diameter with a weight ranging from 8.5 grams to 20.5 grams. With the chip size set in stone, this only left branding as a factor to differentiate between the variety of casino chips from one casino floor to another.

The difference in branding throughout the Las Vegas Casinos depends on a variety of factors. The majority of Las Vegas Strip Hotels are ruled by two major players – MGM and Caesars. This develops a strong foundation to begin the branding process. The rest of the design is decided from an assortment of options, such as, color preference, logo, amount, and what is appealing to the players.

  1. As you make your way through the casinos on the Strip and in the downtown area, take a glance at the variety of chips being exchanged on the floor and see just how enticing these small tokens of currency can be.
  2. How often do casinos switch out their chips? With the high volume of visitors making their way to Las Vegas, it is difficult to frequently switch out the chips used at the casinos.

When it comes to revamping the specific casino chips and refreshing their supply of currency, locations tend to only change out their chips every few years based on security reasons and to keep up with the world of gaming. During the process of casinos switching out their old chips for new chips, a “grace period” is normally in place where casinos will honor the withdrawn chips before doing away with them all together.

Before the updated chips can start being manufactured, and before they can make their way to the casino floor, they must be pre-approved by the Gaming Control Board after the design and security features are laid out for review. Back in the day, when old casino chips were not being used anymore casino owners did not know what to do with the outdated tokens.

Many were disposed of right into Lake Mead (some can still be found by divers today) and some were even mixed in with concreate to help develop the foundations of old establishments. Today, chips can only be destroyed by the Gaming Control Board-approved disposal companies.

The old tokens due for destruction are then loaded into a security equipped truck and then crushed into dust, all witnessed by a gaming regulator. What is the future for casino chips? The future of casino chips is still up in the air and has a possibility of changing any day. Some people believe with the modern modifications of everyday life, casino tokens have the opportunity of taking a more digital form through the use of electronic devices.

With that being said, for poker, blackjack, roulette, and other table games, gamblers enjoy the physical look and feel of the easily spotted casino chips. Simply put, players like to see how much money they have or don’t have physically in front of them.
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