Hur Spelar Man Lucky Island?

Hur Spelar Man Lucky Island

How to make the game longer in Lucky Islands?

In lucky islands, some players stay on their islands or make a hole in the ground and stay there and make the game 30 minutes long. (This is in other games not an issue so I would like to suggest 2 ideas to solve the issue) 1. Player tracker – Give the players after 10-15 minutes a player
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Why can’t I get on Lucky Islands?

However, if you can’t get on Lucky Islands then it might be because you don’t have the resource pack. Try to enable resource packs for the server (I had this problem recently too when trying to play Lucky Islands). You enable it by clicking the Cube Craft server on your server list and editing it.
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How do I download the Lucky islands resource pack?

There should be a button that says Resource Packs. Make sure it says either prompt or enable. If you choose prompt it will ask if you want to download the resource pack when you join Lucky Islands. Make sure to click yes. HOW CAN I DOWNOAD A LUCKY ISLAND SERVER
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What is the Lucky block drop for team Lucky Islands?

I have a smaller Team Lucky Islands suggestion about a specific lucky block drop. So the drop I’m talking about is the one where you get a certain ammount of diamonds, iron or gold ingots, which disappears one at a time (I don’t know the exact time between each ingot/diamond). I just want
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