Nuts Poker League Net Worth?

Nuts Poker League Net Worth

What happened to Nuts Poker League?

The Nuts Poker League Franchise | Computer Franchise Opportunities The Nuts Poker League’s registered office is in Barlborough, Derbyshire and its offices are in Wrexham. The Nuts Poker League is the biggest UK pub poker league, having merged with Redtooth Poker in 2014.

  • This merger created a league which is ten times bigger than any other in the UK.
  • Although both companies use their own brand, Redtooth Poker has overall ownership of both companies.
  • Steve Bellis founded The Nuts Poker League and continues to play a part in the company.
  • He was delighted with the merger, stating that it allowed Nuts Poker League players to play at their local pub but also work towards the national finals.

Players can play weekly poker games at participating pubs. The results are entered onto The Nuts Poker League website, so a league table is created. Qualifying players can play in the end of season Tournament. Any stakes which are put up must comply with the Gambling Commission guidelines.
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How does the nuts poker league work?

How the League Works – The Nuts Poker League

  • Local Pub Leagues
  • Seasons are 4 months in duration:
  • 1st January – 30th April
  • 1st May – 31st August
  • 1st September – 31 December
  • Players earn points according to their finishing position on the night.
  • At the end of the season the top 25% (maximum 15) players at each venue qualify for an end of season Tournament.

At this end of season Tournament a certain number of players will then qualify for the next National Final. The National Finals are held in prestigious Casinos and the players have the opportunity to win major cash prizes and trips to Las Vegas A player can play at as many venues as they wish, and will appear in the league table of each venue.

  1. Points allocation
  2. For every player in attendance, 200 points are added to the Points Prize Fund for that night*
  3. These points will then be allocated to the top eight players in the following way: 1st = 30% of prize fund 2nd = 20% 3rd = 13% 4th = 10% 5th = 9% 6th = 7% 7th = 6% 8th = 5%
  4. 50 points for all others.
  5. Additional 30 points awarded for bringing membership card
  6. * If less than 8 players in attendance, whilst 200 points per player get added to the prize pot, players still receive the same % of points as above.

As an example, if there were nine players at an event, there would be 1,800 points to play for. The winner would therefore win 540 points (30 % of the total prize fund), and the points awarded would descend down to the person who finishes 8th, with that person claiming 90 points (5 % of the prize fund).

  1. Regardless of how many people have entered, players who failed to finish in the top eight would receive 80 points.
  2. So the higher you finish, the more points you will win from the prize fund on that night.
  3. If there was 5 players there would be 1000 points to play for.
  4. The winner would receive 300 points (30% of the total prize fund) and so on.

Regional League Table This table displays the accumulative total of points each player has earned in a Region during that season. Everything you need to know about playing in The Nuts Poker League Joining the Nuts Poker League is simple. All you need to do is turn up at any venue in good time and inform the Tournament Director or Bar Staff that you wish to play.

Your details will be taken and you will be issued a unique membership number that is used every time you play (even in different venues). Prizes that are on offer at our National Finals, are displayed, when confirmed, on a link from our homepage. Anyone who is not sure about the rules of Texas Hold’em do not have to worry as there will be help and assistance available.

Just let the Tournament Director know and they will get you playing in no time at all. Anyone can play, as long as you get to the venue early and register to play in time. Each tournament is open to anyone who wishes to play provided they are 18 or over.

  • Poker generally starts at either 7.30pm or 8pm and will run until there is an overall winner, around 11pm.
  • But the exact time that the tournament finishes will depend on the number of players participating.
  • The number of players varies from venue to venue.
  • Some venues have up to eight players whereas some have over 40 players.

You can play at as many venues as you like. Some venues may play for small stakes, which is fine provided kept within the legal limits. We suggest you contact the venue before attending if you wish to know, if they do or not. Each player takes turns to deal, but if you are not confident then another player may deal for you.
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Why is it called the Nuts Poker?

The Nuts in poker means the best possible hand. It is often referred to as the stone cold nuts for emphasis. While the nuts in Hold’em is technically the royal flush, the term nuts is used to describe the strongest possible holding given the situation.
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Why is the nuts called the nuts in poker?

Origins – A common and certainly apocryphal folk etymology is that the term originated from the historical poker games in the colonial west of America, where if a player bet everything he possessed, he would place the nuts of his wagon wheels on the table to ensure that, should he lose, he would be unable to flee and would have to make good on the bet. Since it would be expected that a player would only make such a bet when he had the best possible hand, the folk lore says that this is how the best possible hand came to be known as the nuts. It is also rumored that these historical games were played only in the winter, and therefore, the nuts that were placed on the table were “stone cold”, hence coining the term “stone-cold-nuts”. Another explanation is that “the nuts” originated from the old English usage of “nuts”, meaning “any source of pleasure”. Another seemingly fitting explanation is that the term was derived from the UK English slang “the dog’s bollocks” or “the mutt’s nuts”, meaning “the absolute best”. However, this phrase originated around 1949, and the term “the nuts” pre-dates it. your old man”, my guess is; by which i mean “Personally trusted sources provide personal comfort rather than verification.” (April 2018)”>citation needed ]
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Can you flop the nuts?

Flopping the nuts means when a person hits the best possible hand that has a high likelihood of winning during the flop round then he is said to have flop the nuts.
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Do you have to bet with the nuts?

Re: nuts on the river A player is never forced to bet, unless there is a bet in front of him (and of course he could fold). Having a ‘nut hand’ has nothing to do with it. That is what check raise is for.
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Does a nut flush beat a full house?

Notice that a full house is ranked higher than a flush. That’s because a full house comes just a little less frequently than a flush, thereby making it the higher-ranked hand of the two.
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Why do you have to bet the nuts?

1. Do You Have to Bet the Nuts on the River? – Those who watch a lot of televised tournament poker might be aware of this rule, as will most experienced tournament players. However even those who play a lot might not have personally faced this particular situation and so might not be aware of the rule requiring you to bet when holding the best possible hand when last to act on the final betting round. and watches as an opponent checks the river with the board showing The player checks back and shows down the ace-high flush — an unbeatable hand on that board. That player would then incur a penalty and be made to sit out a hand or more (at the tournament director’s discretion). The reason for the rule is to prevent collusion or “soft play” between players, although in most cases a player checking back the nuts often does so without realizing he or she has an unbeatable hand.

  • In the above example, for instance, the player might have missed the backdoor flush having arrived and simply checked back only thinking about the vulnerable-seeming flopped pair of nines.
  • The rule is generally only part of tournament poker, where any form of soft play (intentional or otherwise) affects all players, even those not in the hand.
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Incidentally, the rule also applies when a player fails to raise with the nuts when facing a bet. Just calling isn’t allowed, as that, too, could be interpreted as a kind of soft play. Meanwhile a player holding the nuts who is acting first on the last betting round can of course check in the hopes of check-raising — the rule only applies to a player acting last.
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When did nuts become slang?

bust a nut Meaning & Origin | Slang by Nuts Poker League Net Worth Jokideo The expression bust a nut first surfaced in the 1930s. Nuts is a slang term for “testicles” that has been around since the mid-19th century. The term bust a nut implies that something explosive is going on with one’s testicles—, we hope. Originally, to bust a nut meant “to ejaculate” but also”to work hard,” perhaps a variation of a similar expression bust your conk, meaning “to work hard at a task.” Use of bust a nut to mean “ejaculate” was popular in 1970s pornography, although it’s likely that the expression was in oral use amongst black Americans prior.

  • By 1982, the expression bust a nut had taken on the meaning of “losing one’s temper” or “flying off the handle.” The shift in meaning can be understood if you think that one is really excited, shall we say, when ejaculating, similar to how you “lose your mind” when you’re angry.
  • Don’t need to know how to spell to bust a nut — Victor Rodriguez (@VictorRod285) In the 1980s, the expression bust a nut for “ejaculate” was made more popular through its frequent use in rap and hip-hop songs.

By the 1990s, bust a nut had taken on the meaning of being excited about something, often in an overly enthusiastic way—because, you know, ejaculation. The 1995 cult classic film Kids includes the line: “He’s pretty crazy, he’ll do whatever to bust a nut,” : bust a nut Meaning & Origin | Slang by
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What is a donkey in poker?

A derogatory term used to refer to a weak, unskilled player.
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What is pineapple in poker?

Easy Strategy and Ironclad Rules of Pineapple Poker () Nuts Poker League Net Worth There are several variations of Pineapple poker and although it is similar to Hold’em in many aspects, some strategic modifications are necessary to be successful Pineapple is a variation of poker that is similar to, The main difference is instead of players receiving two cards to start the hand they receive three.
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Can a full house be the nuts?

How to Play a Full House in Texas Hold’em – The relative strength of a full house, like all hands, depends on the board (in flop games) or your opponent’s visible cards (in stud games). In hold’em sometimes a full house can be the nuts (i.e. the best possible hand), while other times it can be worth peanuts.

  1. In general, though, full houses are one of the best hands in poker and are worth playing aggressively.
  2. Because a full house requires the board to contain at least one pair, you must be cautious in particular of competing for full houses and fours-of-a-kind.
  3. The paired board will also clue opponents into the possibility of your hand, so you may need to disguise the strength of your hand by making slow plays like checks and calls.

Fully understanding poker strategy will let you maximize your pots and winnings. Featured image source: Flickr by Poker Photos used under CC license
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Why is it called Big Slick in poker?

Big Slick – Big Slick is a common nickname for the poker hand ace-king. According to legend, the hand was previously called Santa Barbara after the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, and over time it changed to simply Big Slick. Fun Fact: Some people still refer to as ‘Exxon Valdez’ after the oil spill
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What are the odds of flopping a nut flush?

Basic Strategy Advice

The odds of flopping a Flush with a suited starting hand is 0.82% or 1 in 122
Flopping a one card nut Flush draw with any starting hand 0.17
Flopping a one card nut Flush draw with an Ax holding 1.12
Flopping any one card Flush draw with an unsuited starting hand 2.24

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What beats a nut flush?

The most likely hand that will outdraw the nut flush is a set. Going from flop to river a set will improve to a full house or quads (and beat a flush) around 34.5% of the time or one in 2.9. Going from turn to river the set will win against the flush around 22.7% of the time or one in 4.4.
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Can you talk while playing poker?

The Challenge to Keep Quiet About the Hand – Let’s start with the reason behind the rule. It’s an offshoot of the fundamental precept of “one player to a hand.” That is, every player must make his own decisions as to the play of his hand without outside input.

  1. It’s sort of like the “prime directive” in Star Trek — you are prohibited from interfering with how the hand is going to play out.
  2. Just about anything you say about the hand in progress might help or hurt another player, often in ways that you can’t anticipate.
  3. Hence the mandate: don’t talk about the hand in progress,

That seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it? Then how can such a simple dictate be worth more than a thousand words of further explanation? Well, there are some problems with implementing the rule. The first problem is that situations commonly arise in which you must talk about the hand in progress.

For example, perhaps you thought you heard somebody say “all in,” but didn’t catch who said it. Maybe you’re not sure whether the ambiguous hand gesture of the player on your right was him checking or just tapping his hand idly while he thinks. It is your responsibility to know what the action is before you take your turn, so now you’ll have to ask the dealer to clarify what has happened.

Or perhaps you see something improper happen — say a player prematurely exposes his cards, somebody acts out of turn, or a raise is an illegal amount. If the dealer doesn’t catch the problem and get it fixed, you have to speak up and call his attention to it, because the hand can’t continue without getting it fixed.

The second thing muddying what seems like a bright-line prohibition is that there is another whole category of things that are about the hand in progress, but which are perfectly okay to be talking about. Any facts that are supposed to be freely available to all players are fair game to be spoken aloud.

For example, a player who forgot to bring his glasses may ask whether a card on the board is the queen of hearts or diamonds. If you didn’t hear how much somebody declared his bet to be, you can ask. You can ask how many chips a player’s all-in bet is.

  • You can even ask about poker rules that you need to know — for example, how much the minimal legal raise would be in the current situation.
  • The dealer is primarily responsible for being sure that all players are up to speed on all such freely available information, but if he is preoccupied or inattentive, it’s fine for other players to speak up as needed.
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The third problem with the prohibition on discussing the hand in progress is that there are all sorts of borderline and debatable cases, where reasonable minds may differ on whether the words spoken constitute a violation of the rule or fall within one of the exceptions.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to hash out such nuances, but you should be aware that they exist. The best advice is just to steer well clear of any questionable cases. Choose silence over blurting out when you have any doubt at all. The fourth, and perhaps biggest, problem with the rule is that the hand in progress is such an obvious, juicy, interesting, important subject for discussion that poker players simply cannot resist it.

It’s like Adam and Eve having a whole garden full of food to eat, but what most lures them is the one forbidden tree. Enforcement is also a problem, because many players come to a casino from home games where this rule is “more honour’d in the breach than the observance,” as Hamlet put it.
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Do you have to raise with the nuts on the river?

This question has been coming up recently, and I think it is a byproduct of our new High Hand bonuses. (Note: A hand does not have to go to the river for a player to receive a High Hand bonus. See our Scoring page. The tracking of high hands is intended to be primarily just a fun way to track and acknowledge those high hands.

  1. We are not looking for reasons to withhold the bonus, nor do we want to discourage players from trying to get paid when they make a big hand.
  2. Even if everyone folds on the flop, if a player has one of the High Hands and shows it, that player should receive the bonus.) In any case, this post is about the “betting the nuts on the river” rule.

That’s a rule, right? We’ve heard about it, we’ve seen it applied on TV, and we even heard the TD at BPO in Vegas make a point of it before the tournament began. Let’s read the rule together. Here is a link to the Poker TDA rules, Wait, what? It isn’t in there.

  1. What we do find is a rule against “soft play,” because soft play is a form of collusion.
  2. And that is where the “must bet the nuts” thing comes from.
  3. The soft play rule is almost universally interpreted to mean that you must bet or raise with the nuts when closing the action on the river.
  4. Note, this only applies on the river, and only when you are last to act.

(There would be many situations where you are more likely to extract value by checking to induce a bluff. It would be silly to forbid a player from doing that.) As for our bar poker league, we are not going to be punishing players for checking behind or flat-calling a bet with the nuts on the river.

In some cases, a player may not realize that they have the nuts. And some players just don’t even think about raising. It isn’t soft play, necessarily, it could just be (forgive me) bad poker. In the interest of being a fun poker league while simultaneously respecting the rules of the game, and trying to insure that our players will be casino-ready if that is of interest to them, anytime this situation comes up it should be pointed out and explained.

Players should be learning how to play better poker and how to not incur a penalty in a casino someday.
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Do you lose a bet if its a tie?

Sports betting push examples – While a push is most common for a spread or total bet, it can also happen with other wagers. Here are some additional examples: Spread : A push can happen when the line is a whole number, such as 3 or 7 points.

Example: Golden State Warriors -3 over Boston Celtics,If Golden State wins by exactly three points, the bet is a push.

Total : The total line is a whole number, such as eight runs or 45 points.

Example: New York Mets Boston Red Sox, over/under 8.For your bet to win or lose, the total needs to be more or less than eight runs. If the total is exactly eight, such as 5-3 or 6-2, then the bet is a push.

Moneyline : An NFL regular season game that is still tied after overtime.

It doesn’t happen often. Using last year as an example, just one of 272 total regular season games ended in a tie.Postseason NFL games continue until there’s a winner.The other major leagues avoid ties: MLB (extra innings), NBA (overtime), NHL (overtime plus shootout if necessary.)

Props : A prop bet that’s an over/under with a line that’s a whole number.

Example: Tom Brady total passing yards O/U 280.It’s a push if he throws for exactly 280.

The push could also impact a parlay, If one of the results is a tie, then most sportsbooks will remove that wager from the equation and settle the bet based on the results of the other legs. Most two-leg parlays will push if either leg pushes and another wins. For the exact terms and conditions on how your sportsbook handles things, though, be sure to check out the house rules.
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Does Jason Mercier still play poker?

Leaving The Poker World? – A lot has changed over the course of Mercier’s poker career, including his looks. In 2019, the after almost a decade of its sponsorship to focus on his growing family. “After my son was born, I knew things were going to be different,” Mercier wrote on the blog.

  1. One of the major things to address was my relationship with PokerStars.
  2. My contract was set to expire at the end of 2017, and I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen there.
  3. Becoming a parent brings about a complete transformation of who you are.
  4. I no longer let myself be so concerned with what I want, but more so the well-being of my wife and my child (and future children).

Serving and leading my family is of utmost importance.” A tweet from his wife Natasha showcased his happiness with his family. Update on ‘s well-being away from poker — Natasha Mercier (@natasha_mercier) More recently, Jason and Natasha have added a third child to their ever-growing family earlier this year.

I got to bring home my 3rd son from the hospital today. On the 5 year anniversary of the day I proposed to my wife Feeling super — Jason Mercier (@JasonMercier) An August tweet from Jason truly captures how content the once-prolific poker player is with family life. Mercier still makes occasional tournament appearances and plays high-stakes cash games at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio.

His most recent tournament win was in August, 2019 when he took down the $50,000 Super High Roller event at the Seminole Hard Rock for a little over $700,000, He hasn’t had any tournament scores since the pandemic, according to, Did you like this article? + 0 : What Happened to Jason Mercier?
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What happened to Johnny Chan poker?

December 24, 2021 Senior Editor U.S. Nuts Poker League Net Worth Johnny Chan’s venture as a poker room part-owner in Texas was short-lived. Three weeks after the club mysteriously closed its doors, a new owner has purchased the business and is rebranding the club as the 101 Poker Club, When Johnny Chan’s 88 Social poker room closed temporarily in early December, a number of players still had chips to be cashed in for money.
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Who won the streamer poker?

Jorstad Tops Second-Biggest Field Ever To Earn Second Bracelet –

Nuts Poker League Net Worth Espen Jorstad has won the 2022 World Series of Poker $10,000 buy-in main event, defeating the second-largest field in history to capture the championship gold bracelet and the $10 million first-place prize. The 34-year-old was the last player standing out of 8,663 entries, and simultaneously became first player ever from his home country of Norway to win poker’s world championship.

  1. It means a lot, it’s the biggest tournament in the world.
  2. It’s still sinking in,” Jorstad told PokerGO after the victory.
  3. Jorstad couldn’t help but spoil the results for his mother, who was watching from home on a delay, calling her shortly after he had closed out the win to let her know he had done it.

“She was instantly in tears,” Jorstad said. “I think she was already crying just watching it. She was so nervous, you know, way more nervous than me. It was very emotional hearing her, how happy she was.” The career-best payday he earned in this event increased Jorstad’s lifetime recorded earnings to nearly $10.9 million, with millions more won online.

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Jorstad actually finished sixth in the 2021 WSOP Online event last year, earning $603,058 for his second-largest recorded score. The former World of Warcraft standout now streams his online play on Twitch. Earlier this summer, he and fellow online tournament star Patrick Leonard took down the $1,000 tag team event, splitting the $148,067 top payout between them.

(Ironically, Jorstad defeated a team featuring Jamie Kerstetter heads-up, who also served as a commentator for the main event broadcast.) Now with two bracelets to his name, Jorstad has moved into a tie with the late Thor Hansen for the most bracelets won by a Norwegian player.

He’s also now Norway’s all-time money leader, passing Annette Obrestad, who won the 2007 WSOP Europe main event, and Felix Stephensen, who finished runner-up in the 2014 main event. The four most recent main event winners have all been international players. Germany’s Koray Aldemir won in 2021, Argentina’s Damian Salas took it down in 2020, and Iranian-born German citizen Hossein Ensan was the last man standing in 2019.2018 was the last time an American player won (John Cynn).

Both Aldemir and Salas made deep runs in this event, finishing 75th and 27th, respectively. Jorstad, who also has a master’s degree in brewing science, spent much of the final few days of this event as the leader. He ended a marathon 17-hour day 7 session in a tie for the lead with Matthew Su when there were 10 contenders remaining, and then bagged up roughly 57 percent of the chips in play heading into today’s three-handed action. Australian cash game professional Adrian Attenborough was in second chip position, while Michael Duek was the shortest of the trio. It didn’t take long for Duek to find himself involved in a big pot with his tournament life on the line. After getting a few shoves through in the first few orbits, the tenth hand of the day proved to be the last for the 23-year-old Argentinian-born venture capitalist now living in Miami, Florida. J and Duek three-bet from the small blind with K 8, Attenborough called and the flop came down Q 10 5, Duek checked and Attenborough checked behind. The K on the turn gave Duek top pair. He bet 17,000,000 and Attenborough, who had turned the nut straight, just called. The 3 on the river prompted a big bet from Duek, leaving himself almost nothing behind. Attenborough put the rest in and Duek made the call to hit the rail in third place. “This was quite the experience. Definitely a lot more amazing than I thought it could have ever been,” Duek told PokerGO.

  • Just being here, I’m happy and grateful for the outcome.” Duek earned $4 million as the third-place finisher.
  • This was his second third-place finish of the summer, having also made a podium showing in the $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event just 11 days earlier for a then career-high payday of $548,015.
  • Duek now has more than $4.6 million in career cashes to his name.

The final two took a quick break for the tournament staff to set up the traditional pile of money and the bracelet for heads-up play, with Jorstad holding a slight 5:4 chip lead. Incredibly, the tournament almost ended on the very first hand back from the break. Nuts Poker League Net Worth Jorstad raised from the button with K Q, and Attenborough three-bet from the big blind with J 4, Jorstad made the call, and the flop came down K 10 8, Attenborough bet, and Jorstad called with his top pair. The turn brought the 4 to put a second flush draw on the board. Attenborough bet 58,000,000 into the pot of 87,000,000 and Jorstad once again made the call. The river brought the 8 and Attenborough checked. Jorstad thought it over before going all-in to put Attenborough to the test for his remaining 133,000,000. Attenborough was clearly uneasy as he hunkered down for an extended stay in the tank. He began a monologue, mumbling to himself as he methodically went over the possible bluffs he could beat.

The tank took so long that it caught the attention of several top players. “Can I call the clock from Twitter,” Joseph Cheong joked. “I would have called and been in my car already,” added Phil Galfond. The entire hand took longer than an episode of Friends, Doug Polk even joked that if it went on long enough, it could pass the one-hour delay.

Jorstad never moved throughout the 20-minute staredown, and never considered calling the clock despite Attenborough mentioning it as a possibility. Eventually, Attenborough made the right decision and slid his cards away while Jorstad dragged the massive pot to take nearly a 3:1 lead.

  1. How long was he tanking?” asked Jorstad afterward.
  2. It felt like an eternity.
  3. I was trying to focus on my breathing and do some meditation.
  4. You focus on different body parts, each finger, just chilling in my zone.” Attenborough would be glad he decided to give up and fight another day, as four hands later he managed to double up into the lead.

Jorstad fired all three streets on a board of 9 6 4 K 3 with just jack high and Attenborough had no problem calling it off with kings up. Jorstad wasn’t too far behind, though. The two actually traded the lead a couple times and Jorstad moved ahead in time for the next major showdown. Jorstad limped in from the button with Q 2 and Attenborough checked his option, once again holding J 4, The flop came down 4 2 2 and Attenborough checked. Jorstad made a min-bet with his flopped trips, only to have Attenborough check-raise. Jorstad put in a small raise, and Attenborough made the call to grow the pot to 76,000,000. The 8 rolled off on the turn. Attenborough checked and Jorstad bet almost a full pot-sized bet. Attenborough called and the Q completed the board to give Jorstad deuces full of queens. Attenborough checked and Jorstad moved all-in, putting Attenborough’s last 131,000,000 in jeopardy. Attenborough, once again, went deep into the tank. The first time he held J-4 in this situation, he was able to get away.

This time around, his tank was for roughly eight and a half minutes. “People are gonna be like, ‘Why am I tanking with my hand?'” he said out loud. “But I really want to call this one.” “Aw, fuck it,” the Australian said, as he slammed in a handful of chips to indicate a call. He could not beat Jorstad’s full house and was eliminated in second place, earning $6 million as the runner-up.

“Yeah, that was a bad play, I think,” said Attenborough moments after the event concluded. “I ran really good and I definitely don’t deserve to win $6 million. I was just along for the ride, but it sucks that I made such a big mistake at the end. But it’s okay, I’m super proud.” Attenborough has cashes dating back to 2014, the biggest of which was a third-place showing in the 2017 Bellagio Cup for $361,660.

  1. He also won a Macau Poker Cup event that same year.
  2. In addition to the title and the money, Jorstad also earned 3,300 Card Player Player of the Year points as the champion of this event.
  3. His win earlier this summer was in an event that didn’t award POY points, so this was his first qualifying score of the year.

It alone was enough to see him surge up the standings and into 16th place in the 2022 POY race, which is sponsored by Global Poker. Jorstad was also awarded 2,100 PokerGO Tour points, enough to move him into sixth place on that tour’s leaderboard, which only tracks events with a $10,000 or higher buy-in.

Place Player Earnings POY Points PGT Points
1 Espen Jorstad $10,000,000 3300 2100
2 Adrian Attenborough $6,000,000 2750 1700
3 Michael Duek $4,000,000 2200 1500
4 John Eames $3,000,000 1650 1400
5 Matija Dobric $2,250,000 1375 1300
6 Jeffrey Farnes $1,750,000 1100 1250
7 Aaron Duczak $1,350,000 825 1200
8 Philippe Souki $1,075,000 550 1200
9 Matthew Su $850,675 275 851

Photo credits: PokerGO / Antonio Abrego, Enrique Malfavon. You can follow the 2022 World Series of Poker on Card Player’s series landing page, sponsored by Global Poker, the fastest growing online poker room in the world. Check out the series schedule, as well as event recaps, news, and player interviews.
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What are the stone nuts in poker?

In poker, the ‘stone cold nuts’ refers to a hand that is absolutely unbeatable. No matter what card is left to come or no matter what cards your opponent holds, you can NOT be beaten in a hand if you hold the stone cold nuts. The stone cold nuts is the same as holding the ‘nuts’. Both refer to an unbeatable hand.
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