Do Poker Pros Still Play Online?

Do Poker Pros Still Play Online
Many People Have Decided To Take Up Poker While Being Quarantined. –

Do Poker Pros Still Play Online There are many ways to make money on the web, and online poker is definitely a legitimate one to do it. In fact, there are thousands of professionals who play online poker on a daily basis and earn good money from it. Therefore, to answer the topic question right away — yes, you can make a living by playing poker online.

However, that’s not the right question to ask at all, so let me make a little correction right away. The right question should be this – How hard is it to make a living by playing poker on the web? Now, this is definitely something that you’re not going to like. It’s pretty difficult and requires a lot of practice, dedication, and sacrifice.

Poker player Adrian Sterne from published a well detailed article on making a living by playing poker online, Feel free to check that out if you want to learn more. Online Poker Is a Job One thing you should understand is that making a living by playing online poker means accepting that this type of activity is a job at which you have to perform exceptionally well to earn your wage.

Therefore, if you consider it just an interesting pastime, you might earn some and lose some, but you’ll not be able to make a living out of it. As soon as you understand that you have to devote your time, energy, and money to it, you are on the right track to become a professional poker player, Understand How to Earn from Online Poker Earning from playing poker means understanding the way money flows within this game,

The first thing you should take into account is that the majority of people play it for fun. Some might be good at it, but the reality is that many of them are fish. Aiming for fish is something that all professionals do, as that is almost a certain profit.

  • Players who understand how to play against new and inexperienced players have a firm ground from which they can take off and play poker.
  • However, playing against fish is definitely not your main source of income.
  • Once you have enough capital to invest in the game, you would be able to see higher returns.

Simply put, playing low-stake tournaments and cash games is not as lucrative as playing high-stake ones. If you’re good enough to beat opponents at high stakes, you can earn more money. One of the important things you immediately need to understand if you want to earn money from online poker is that variance shouldn’t affect you.

Professional poker players know that they might lose their entire stack and are ready to make such a loss on a short-term basis. In other words, they accept that the element of luck is an inevitable factor in playing poker and that they will have periods when they lose more than they win. It’s Often Very Risky No matter how good they get, every professional player on the web who earns a lot of money this way is ready to risk.

When you think of it, the risk is an inevitable part of starting any business. In fact, it’s a part of life and, as such, it’s present in the game of poker. Imagine starting a business that offers products for professional athletes. You started it in December 2019 and your business began booming right away, as top-rated athletes have been buying your products.

Then, all of a sudden, a pandemic kicks in, pulling all sports events to a halt. You’re out of money, but that was the risk you were willing to take. The same goes for poker. Although pandemic might not really affect it, there are many ways that can make you hit the rail before you even start. The good news is that the more you practice and the more you study, the element of luck would have a lesser impact on your game.

You’ll Have a Lot of Studying to Do Being a successful online poker player is something that requires you to watch hundreds of videos and read dozens of books about poker. Poker is a simple game on the surface, and it’s definitely entertaining to play from time to time.

  • However, there’s a lot of theoretical knowledge that you have to acquire before you can call yourself a professional player.
  • Many great poker players, such as The Godfather of Poker himself, have “written useful books “: are often regarded as obligatory reads for all players who want to go pro.

What the majority of these books deal with is mathematics, and the sooner you accept that fact, the better you’ll become. Playing poker on the web as a professional means dealing with a lot of numbers, stats, odds, and whatnot. It means being able to calculate the best possible outcome of your hand and make the mathematically most accurate decision.

  • It takes time to master that.
  • I’m not talking about days or weeks — I’m talking about years and years of experience.
  • You don’t really have to be a talented mathematician to do it, you just need to understand these processes right away and apply them to your online poker sessions.
  • Final Thoughts: Professional Poker Is NOT for Everybody Like it or not — we’re born with certain talents.

Although I agree that the talent is 2% and hard work 98%, I also understand that those without that 2% of talent would never be able to perform at 100%. Sadly, earning in online poker to make a living requires being at the top 10% or at least the top 20% players on the platform you’re using.

To do that, you need to have at least some talent. But what exactly is a poker talent? It’s the skill of being able to read people and their actions. It’s sometimes more like intuition than a skill. This can be learned with time, but some people would require much more time to master it than others. Sadly, some players never master it.

Therefore, the best approach to playing online poker is to accept the fact that it’s not for everybody. It requires a specific combination of talent and hard work that only some people have.
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Do professional poker players play online?

Do Poker Pros Still Play Online People often ask me what stakes do professional poker players play. They also ask me what stakes I personally was playing when I turned pro 10+ years ago. The truth is that is varies greatly depending on the person. Most professional poker players will play at stakes of at least NL25 online or $2/$5 live.

  1. And many poker pros will play at stakes much higher than this.
  2. However, there are many cases where a professional poker player can earn a living at stakes even lower than this such as NL5, NL10 online or $1/$2 live.
  3. So in this article I am going to break it all down for you from a poker pro’s perspective.
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These are the stakes that professional poker players play.
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Does Daniel Negreanu play online poker?

Daniel hails from Toronto, Canada. He first fell in love with the game when playing different variations of poker during breaks from pool hustling. It was here that his love of numbers and probability shone through, and gave him an edge in those early games.

It is his ability to read people for which Daniel is best known. He won his first WSOP bracelet way back in 1998. It was in this year, at the age of 23, that he earned the nickname ‘Kid Poker’. Along the road to stardom, Daniel has even popped up as an actor in films such as ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘Detention’.

And when not crushing live or online poker, he’s not a bad golfer either! Daniel Negreanu is easily the most recognizable poker player on the planet. It’s also safe to say he has already earned the status of a true Poker Legend. GGPoker proudly calls him one of our own.

It is within the live poker sphere where Daniel is best known for his table exploits. You just need to take a quick glance at his WSOP results to see the calibre of Poker God that you’re dealing with here. Being one of the most influential voices in the world of poker, Daniel’s love of the game is always at the forefront of his actions and words.

Whether it’s voicing strong opinions on the future of poker, or working hard for charitable foundations, the game is always at the heart of his actions. At GGPoker, you can share the tables, stories, and fly the same flag as this poker superstar. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Daniel Negreanu!
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Can you still beat online poker?

Online Tournaments Still Going Strong But it is also because players have moved on to new poker variants. Online poker tournaments are still a great opportunity for skilled players to make money, with many tournament pros managing to sustain a healthy ROI.
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Can you still make a living playing poker?

That’s one of the most common questions that aspiring poker players ask themselves and their poker friends. What’s the real answer? Yes, you definitely can make a considerable amount of money and even make a living playing poker. It won’t be easy, though, especially if we’re talking about online poker.

  1. We have to be straightforward.
  2. Times when pretty much any decent player could win money in online poker games are long gone.
  3. The poker landscape has changed: the markets have been divided, games got tougher, and the average player got better.
  4. However, despite all these seemingly bad circumstances, there are still thousands of players playing online poker for a living and ever more who dream of playing poker professionally.

How do the lucky few succeed?
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Is online poker luck or skill?

Conclusion: Is Poker Based on Luck or Skill? – The answer to whether poker is gambling or based on skill is that it’s a little of both. In order to win a hand, a player will need some element of luck, but they’ll also need to know exactly what to do with the cards and the situation in front of them.
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Why did Daniel Negreanu leave PokerStars?

Leaving on a High Note – Through it all, Negreanu remained and still does remain one of the most, if not the most, popular poker player in the world. He hopes fans will get to see him in a slightly different light now, and people around the industry will understand that the opinions he’s voiced over the years don’t necessarily come from on high from his sponsor.

In a lot of ways, it’s somewhat freeing,” he said in a video blog, “For years, when I make a statement about poker, people say, ‘You’re just saying that because you’re being paid to say that.’ Which I know is not true — I could pass 1,000 lie detectors to prove that — but what’s great about the situation now is I can go back to essentially making comments and statements about the poker community that I guess would have more credibility because of that.

“In a lot of ways, it’s somewhat freeing.” “I’ve had the luxury over the last 20 years of being on the inside when it comes to the business side of poker, the professional side of poker. I know what poker players are missing. I know what some of the people in business miss about what it’s like to be a professional poker player.

  1. I’ll still fairly discuss any issues, positive and negative, with them, with partypoker, with WSOP.” Freshly married, Negreanu also said some things that evoked Jason Mercier’s 2018 exit,
  2. He hopes to start a family in the coming years and said the split with PokerStars is just part of his “life taking on a new direction.” “I’m super excited about the future with my new woman,” he said.

The Stars Group owns a majority shareholding in iBus Media.

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    Who is the smartest poker player?

    1. Phil Ivey – There simply has never been a better all-around poker player than the great Phil Ivey, who some have referred to as the Tiger Woods of Poker. During the poker boom era (2000s), he was the most feared player in the game. The competition isn’t even close.

    He won 10 WSOP bracelets before he even became eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame (age 40). But he’s accomplished so much more than just winning a stack of bracelets. Ivey’s the only player ever who has crushed the online high-stakes cash games, the live tournaments, and dominated the highest stakes live cash games.

    His Full Tilt Poker account turned more than a $20 million profit. That’s the most of any online poker account in history. Despite having only played the occasional tournament the past five years or so, he has over $21 million in live tournament cashes.
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    Who lost the most in online poker?

    Laliberte is believed to have lost over $30,000,000 playing online under different aliases. The whole experience turned Guy away from online poker, but he continued to be involved with the game and was the main driving force behind the first WSOP Big One for One Drop $1,000,000 event.
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    Is online poker beatable 2022?

    Final Thoughts – So is online poker beatable in 2022? Yes, of course it is. All you have to do is go load up a bunch of random NL2 and NL5 games right now on literally any poker site. Anybody with even a passing knowledge of how to play TAG poker (and who has a little bit of tilt control) will do just fine in these games.

    1. In fact I even wrote the book on how to totally annihilate these two games in particular, Crushing the Microstakes.
    2. Now yes of course online poker gets harder when you move up to higher stakes with “real money” on the line.
    3. But this is inevitable.
    4. When significant money is on the line in anything in life, people take it much more seriously.

    Also, online poker is not the gold rush that it was 10 or 15 years ago. Heck, the games aren’t even as easy as they were 5 years ago! But once again, this really should just be common sense. People get better, they study, they learn and the fish eventually go broke.

    1. However, online poker is still easily beatable for somebody who takes this thing seriously and is willing to put in the time and effort in all aspects of their game.
    2. And those are game selection, strategy and the mental game.
    3. Look, the bottom line is that poker is a game played between people and so there is always going to be a pecking order.

    Some people simply want it more than others and are willing to work harder. Poker also has this amazing built in element of short term luck so that all the amateurs can keep deluding themselves into thinking that their losses are all the result of their “bad luck.” Bottom line, if you really want it, then poker will always remain beatable for you. Do Poker Pros Still Play Online
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    Do you need high IQ to play poker?

    I have played for money as a professional poker player for over 10 years now. The ride is definitely a rollercoaster that takes a specific skill set in order to excel. It takes a lot more than just pure intelligence or a high IQ to win at the game. In fact, just being smart might be the least important quality that leads to success.
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    What is the average salary of a poker player?

    As of Nov 22, 2022, the average annual pay for a Poker Player in the United States is $42,591 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $20.48 an hour. This is the equivalent of $819/week or $3,549/month.
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    How much does the average poker player make a year?

    How Do Poker Player Salaries Compare? – Let’s take the figure of the salary for the average $2/$5 NLHE player, which is $70 per hour. Now let’s take the average length of the working week in the US, according to Statista, which is 34.6 hours. Multiply these together and the average earnings of a poker player every week are $2,422.

    The average yearly wage would be $125,944. How does this compare to other jobs in the US? Well, according to the Economy Policy Institute, the average US wage is $19.33 per hour, which equates to $668.82 per week. This makes the average annual pay $34,778.64. Therefore, the average poker player earns considerably more than the average American citizen.

    The figures aren’t so impressive when the average poker salary is compared to average salaries for other sports, however. The average player in the English Premier League earns $3,182,871 per year, while the average MLB player earns $3,890,000 a year.
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    Is poker good for your brain?

    Medical benefits of playing Poker – Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s is known to be a neurodegenerative disorder that has a genetic predisposition and no certain cure has been recognized as of now. However, it can be prevented with certain cognitive sports and poker is one of them.

    1. Studies have shown that playing poker can actually reduce your chances of developing brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s by over 50 percent.
    2. Leads to rewiring the brain Poker acts like Pushups for our brain.
    3. It strengthens your brain and shields your nerve cells.
    4. Playing poker can help to rewire your brain and help to create myelin for a longer run.

    When we perform any activity consistently, it leads to the creation of new neural pathways. The nerve fibers are surrounded by a myelin sheath. This protects and nourishes the nerve cell. The more often impulses are transmitted through this network, the thicker the myelin sheath becomes.

    This is called myelination. Hence, the more poker we play the more myelin our brains create. Poker also helps in controlling emotions and making quick decisions that increase cognitive capacity, hence improving your chances of keeping a healthy brain. There are many ways in which poker is useful for the brain.

    In fact, it develops a host of skills in us. Mentioned below are the key ones:

      While playing poker players tend to be totally engrossed in the game, trying hard to think about what moves the others are planning. This enhances their concentration, attention, problem-solving skills, etc. Playing online games like poker develops reading skills among players. Poker requires us to read and understand all its concepts, instructions, and find clues. In fact, some people even read blogs and books on poker. The reading skills that are developed in a person benefits them when they read so many things, such as reading helps in the development of the brain. During the game, players come across situations where they have to think and act quickly in a certain manner. Thus, it develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a person, which are useful for the brain. Playing poker is a stress buster for many. So it helps in keeping the brain relaxed. Poker also enhances our ability to read situations, and opponents, as the players need to determine the odds and probabilities in any situation if it’s a flopping flush or a full house.

    (The author is CEO & Co-founder, Pocket52) Moneycontrol Contributor
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    What personality types are good at poker?

    Sure, you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em. But more importantly, you need to have the emotional temperament to follow through on that strategy, even when the stakes are high and the pressure is on. That’s the conclusion of a newly published study that examines the personality types of successful poker players.

    Confirming the cliché, it finds such people tend to be cool, calm, and difficult to rattle. Writing in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, a research team led by the University of Helsinki’s Michael Laakasuo suggests such steadiness is a prerequisite for developing expertise in the popular card game.

    “Higher emotional stability predisposes poker players to continue playing poker,” it writes, “whereby they are likely to accumulate poker experience and skill.” Laakasuo and his colleagues conducted an online survey, in English, featuring 478 poker players.

    Participants filled out a detailed survey designed to assess their personality using the HEXACO model, which measures honesty/humility, emotionality, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. The “emotionality” trait, which is labeled “neuroticism” in another well-known personality index, reflects one’s “tendency to experience fear, anxiety, and need of assurance.” The researchers note that it, and indeed all personality traits, “are known to be, to a large extent, stable over time,” meaning that it is unlikely they would be impacted by accumulating poker experience.

    Participants were also asked how long they have been player poker; the level of stakes they typically play at; the approximate number of hands they have played in their lifetimes; and whether they consider themselves a professional poker player. The results suggest veteran players are, by nature, cool customers.

    1. A predisposition for emotional stability — that is, lower scores on emotionality — is linked to high levels of poker experience,” the researchers report.
    2. The effect of emotional stability was most strongly associated with the levels of stakes at which the participant typically played poker,” Laakasuo and his colleagues add.

    “This indicates that experienced poker players may have an innate disposition to tolerate mental and emotional pressure, and keep calm while making decisions involving large sums of money.” While this held true across the board, the researchers also found personality differences between people who play online, as opposed sitting around a table with fellow players.

    In-person players tended to score high on extroversion and openness to experience. “Extroverts seek excitement, activity, and novel experiences,” the researchers note, “and these are probably more often found in live poker rather than in online poker.” So, if the idea of playing poker for a career sounds tantalizing to you, you need to take an honest look at yourself.

    If you can analyze the pros and cons of such a move from a detached perspective, and be pretty sure you won’t get caught up in the thrills and agony of wins and losses, you might want to cut a deck of cards and get to work. Pacific Standard grapples with the nation’s biggest issues by illuminating why we do what we do.

    The recurring dreams of marching band alums Why do so many people watch HGTV? Are millennials willing to spend most of their income on housing?

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    What poker site does Daniel Negreanu play?

    An Active Ambassador – Negreanu’s YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers, far and away the largest audience on any social media account within the poker community. His daily vlogs during the WSOP each year often crack 100,000 views. On Twitter, he has over 500,000 followers, and unlike certain popular poker pros with a large social media audience (i.e. Do Poker Pros Still Play Online Negreanu representing GGPoker at the WSOP. Negreanu is arguably the most popular poker player of all time. He’s been as much an active ambassador for the game and for PokerStars, and now GGPoker, as he’s been a successful poker player. Not only does he slap on the GGPoker patch any time he’s around a camera, but he also promotes the poker site in many other ways (his WSOP vlogs, streaming GGPoker’s WSOP online bracelet events, via tweets, etc.).

    The high stakes action @GGPoker right now is bonkers. Straddles and restraddles up to $32k and all kinds of million — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) Most sponsored pros are just that — sponsored pros. They’ll wear a patch during live events just like they’re paid to do, and maybe show up once in a while for a promotional gig, but few others outside of perhaps Chris Moneymaker ( previously a PokerStars pro ) actively promote the poker site they represent to Negreanu’s level while maintaining a massive following.

    When GGPoker introduced ClubGG, a pay-per-month mobile app that many players have used to receive free buy-ins to major live poker tournaments, Negreanu was front and center promoting the product,
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    Is online poker more profitable than live?

    Is Live Poker Profitable? – Live poker is a completely different animal though. In fact live poker is profitable pretty much anywhere on earth in 2022 especially at the lower stakes. This is because live poker games are often considerably easier to beat than their online counterparts. And this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Do Poker Pros Still Play Online At the lower limits in particular the play is often like something you would have seen 10 years ago online with all sorts of extremely bad and very easily exploitable players. Also, live poker rarely has to deal with any of the government restrictions or segregating of the player pool that has hurt online poker in recent years.
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    Are pro poker players addicted?

    True poker professionals, ones who have found a way of making a consistent and sustainable living from playing poker, are unlikely to be addicts. Addiction is typically characterized by uncontrolled escalation of behavior in pursuit of the same ‘high’ or sensation that you experienced previously.
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    How much do professional online poker players make?

    Do Poker Pros Still Play Online How much money can you make playing online poker in 2022 is a question that I often get asked. There are a lot of different factors that can influence this such as your winrate, how often you play and if you multi-table or not. Here is a short answer. Winning poker players at stakes like NL2, NL5 and NL10 can expect to make around $100 – $500 per month.

    Winning poker players at higher stakes like NL25, NL50 and NL100 can make significantly more though, between $750 and $2000 per month. Rakeback and bonuses will often add hundreds of dollars more. However, these are just rough numbers for an average person who plays semi-regularly, multi-tables a bit and takes the game fairly serious (i.e.

    studies their hands, reads books, table selects etc). So in this article I am going to break it down limit by limit at the micro stakes and talk about just how much money a typical poker player should expect to make. And also, how you can make more!
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    Are professional poker players gamblers?

    Is Poker Gambling? – The short answer is yes – poker still falls under the category of gambling, despite its status as a game of skill. Consider the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of gambling:

    Gambling – the practice or activity of betting; the practice of risking money or other stakes in a game or bet.

    Poker players of all skill levels gamble every time they play the game. For even the best players in the world, every poker session requires all players to gamble on whether they can win money from other players in a particular session. Any game that involves wagering on an outcome can be considered gambling.

    • Poker, along with sports betting, are unique forms of gambling that also qualify as games of skill.
    • If you’re talented enough at poker or sports betting you can turn a profit in the long run.
    • Both poker and sports betting still involve gambling, however, and even the best players in each category gamble every time they play.

    In poker, two players of similar skill levels could play the same number of hands, at the same stakes, and come away with drastically different results. Professional poker players count on the fact that if they play long enough, their skill edge over their opponents will produce a positive win rate.
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    Do professional poker players play with their own money?

    Are Poker Tournaments Played With Real Money? Poker tournaments can be very confusing for those new to the game. Although they’re probably the most popular format out there, new poker fans frequently don’t understand how they work and one very common question they have is: “are poker tournaments played with real money?” It’s not hard to understand where the confusion comes from as players in big tournaments will often have millions in chips in front of them.

    1. So if you are wondering are poker tournaments played with real money the simplest and the most straightforward answer is: Poker tournaments are not played with real money.
    2. When signing up to a tournament, a fixed sum of money is exchanged for chips that can be used to play the game.
    3. A player is eliminated from a tournament if they run out of chips and a real-money prize is only awarded if they place within the prize pool.

    In poker tournaments, the prize money is created from all the cash paid by the participants and is later distributed to those who perform the best. Tournament chips have no monetary value themselves and are simply used to “keep score”. Once you are out of chips, you’re out of the tournament. Do Poker Pros Still Play Online
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